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Next Step

I've been avoiding this post for a while now. In fact, a long time... I've been thinking about it since I wrote the post about our little grey circles that didn't make it. I like writing but the last few weeks have been kinda blah. I also think I've been a little hesitant because I've always wanted these posts to be super happy and chipper but that's not exactly how I feel. After the last post I did get a lot of really nice feedback, one in particular that made me feel extra good. My aunt is an incredible person and I love talking to her. She said to me that no matter how long those grey circles were my babies, they still were and I was allowed to grieve as much as I wanted. I think that kind of gave me permission to really cry and it made me feel a lot better. Thanks Kim. :) 

But now we're on to bigger and better things. I can't lie and say that I'm super excited about this transfer. I think I got WAY too excited for the last one/first one and it ma…

Blind Makeovers!

We did another great activity for Young Women's last week. It was suggested by our beautiful beehive class president and it turned out great! We did Blind Makeovers! Basically all we did was pair the girls up and have them try to put make up on each other while blind folded. They used costume make up in big sets with lots of crazy colors so it turned out extra awesome. haha. The moral of the story is that without direction, it's hard to do things, but fortunately we  have lots of directions. We also have all our senses to discern right from wrong. Another neat lesson emerged at the end as well. Some of the girls faces looked a little crazy!! But our sweet beehive advisor made a homemade make up remover so at the end, they wiped off all the crazy make up and had clean faces again. We likened the remover to the atonement and the crazy make up to our sins. When we're not following instructions and looking at where we're going, we make mistakes. But fortunately we have the…

Faith is His Timing

I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to write this blog post. I started the blog so I could journal and write my thoughts during this process, but also to have the support and prayers of all those reading. But when this news came, I sorta wanted to crawl in a hole and not come out. But the people that I did tell were so gracious and kind and it really did make it easier to bear. So the sad truth is that my little grey circles didn't make it. I woke up on Monday morning and had started passing big clots which was a bad sign. I wasn't sure what it meant at first but then more came and I was pretty sure. Justin was about to go to work and just before he left I started crying and told him I was pretty sure the eggs didn't take and he crawled into bed with me in his button down shirt and tie and held me for a little bit while I cried....  

I couldn't call the clinic yet because it was still before 8, but he said he was going to stay with me at least until…

Our little grey circles!

The transfer happened this past weekend!! Yay!! I'm sure some of you are thinking "Yay! What the heck is she talking about?!" Haha. As a reminder... The short story of IVF goes like this. 

Step 1- Take a bunch of drugs to make my ovaries over produce. 
Step 2- Collect the eggs via surgery. 
Step 3- Fancy (and expensive!) doctors take Justin's sperm and inject it into the eggs in a little petri dish. 
Step 4- We wait patiently while they grow. 

The next step happened this weekend! They take the now fertilized eggs and put them back into my womb to hopefully implant and grow!! This is also the "moment of conception" for us. A woman will likely have lots of eggs fertilize in her lifetime but she doesn't get pregnant if they don't implant. So this is it! The funny thing about it is that Justin wasn't there. :( He had an appointment at work that couldn't be changed so for the rest of our lives we will be able to joke that Justin wasn't there when …

Photo Scavenger Hunt!

We did the funnest activity in my ward the other day! The first Wednesday of every month the Young Women combine with the Young Men and we've done some pretty fun activities! I wish I had taken pictures of all them, but I will repent by taking pics of the ones in the future! And it starts with last week. :) 

So this time we did a picture scavenger hunt! It was a lot of fun. We all showed up at the church, did opening exercises and were given a sheet of paper with a list of scenarios we were supposed to do and take pictures of. Unfortunately I only have copies of the pictures from our group. And this isn't all of them, just my favs! I'll give you the pic and the prompt!

First let me introduce the group! From left to right is Kaitlin, Elena, Rosalynn, and Kobe! We have quite a few more yw than ym so there was only 1 to each group. We made the groups small so we could all fit in the car together to get the list done. 

Whole group with the biggest pumpkin you can find!
People wear…

Temple Marriage Night!

A couple weeks ago we did the greatest mutual night ever! It was probably so awesome because I LOVE wedding dresses and love weddings in general. Trying on dresses for my own wedding was one of the joys of my life! I even considered going to short trade school to be a be a certified wedding planner. haha. SO... I love weddings. So when we put together this activity, I was very excited. And fortunately for us, the whole evening went off without a hitch. Not every YM/YW activity you plan goes the way you'd like it too. Trust me, I know. haha. But this one turned out just the way we wanted it to. I have to say that it wouldn't have happened it weren't for my AMAZING mother!! We raided her craft closets and cupboards AND she spent the whole day the day before baking home made from scratch cupcakes that were to DIE for delicious. They were SO good!! She is incredible and I will be forever grateful to her! (For LOTS of reasons, but today it's about this!! It couldn't hav…