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Another month of baby bliss

Ok I'm really behind on this blog! I'm sorry!! I know I shared a lot of these stories on fb already so you'll have to bear with me on those ones cuz I'm gonna write about them here too! Here goes. :)

Oh this boy has us on our toes! Prolly not the first pic I've posted of his crazy climbing but can I just say it again? He is crazy!! We are constantly keeping our eyes on him. Fortunately, he's completely mastered the stairs so we don't have to worry about that anymore. :)

Look at that belly!! haha. So cute. He has moved on to real whole milk but since he's still so little, we're putting formula in it to make it a little fattier. :) He doesn't mind! Every morning when he wakes up, he gets a bottle and comes to bed with mommy and daddy to drink it. Then we play and cuddle till we can't anymore! It's pretty wonderful. Usually after he's done with his bottle he'll get up and lay on my chest for a little while. It's one of my favor…

Bread Class from the Master!

If you don't know me that well, I like to cook! I'm not a super great cook but I'm prolly better than the average joe. I like to follow good recipes and use my own taste to make them better and it usually turns out pretty well. At the very least my hubby thinks I'm good!

Anyway, one thing I absolutely can't do is bread, which sucks cuz "I LOVE BREAD!" (Name that commercial...?! 😉)

 I've tried a lot of times and only been successful once! I can never figure out why. I think part of the reason is my house is usually too cold for it to rise properly. I did make cinnamon rolls once with the Pioneer Woman's recipe and they turned out so deliciously yummy but only once!

My mother on the other hand is both a great cook and a great baker! We were at my grandma's birthday party and she had baked some cinnamon twist thingy's that were SOOO good and since she's also a great teacher, so my cousins and sister had the great idea to ask her to teac…