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I Love Christmas!!!

In case you didn't know... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!! It's my favorite time of year. I would leave the decor up all year but most people frown on that unless you're a redneck in south Texas. And I may be that but given that Justin is from New York, he won't let me. So I settle for having it up from Thanksgiving to whenever Justin is sick of it and notices that it's almost February. ;)

I started accumulating this stuff when we first got married. I went to the dollar store and bought a few things to decorate our little apartment. It wasn't much, but it made a difference. Since then I've purchased things every year and now there's prolly too much! haha. 
Anyway, I wanted to show you a few pics beacuse I'm so proud. I recognize that pride isn't a good thing, but for this, I admit I am proud. :D 

Our tree is little but still beautiful. Justin said I can have a bigger one when we actually have Christmas Morning at our house. Sounds fair but it's still ki…


Oh man.. It's been a few weeks since I last posted! I never wanted to go that long but the last couple weeks have been sooo busy. At least that's my excuse. So here's an update from the last little while. :)

We will start with our very first ultrasound!!! I was only 5 weeks along so there wasn't much to see but we still got to see it!!

Ready for this......?!

Can you see that itty bitty tiny little circle in the middle of the not much bigger circle?! haha. Yup! That's my baby!! It was quite a moment for us. haha. 
The next week we got to have another ultrasound where we got to hear the heartbeat. I wish I had a great picture of the moment but it doesn't matter. It's still something I'll never forget. (Some may ask how you heard the heart beat that early?! Well, it was with a vaginal ultrasound, so it was very close to the actual fetus. haha.) We could see the picture of the little fluttering heart and then he turned on the sound and we could hear it.…

Half Scary Half Glamour

Just realized I never posted this!! (It was definitely not Halloween last weekend. haha!!)

My little sister had her Halloween dance this past weekend and asked me to do her make up! It was seriously so fun. I did a little research on Pinterest and copied a couple different looks. I didn't have a whole lot of time either, so it prolly could have looked better. And in the same breath, maybe if I had keep going I would have made it worse. I'm going with the former and stickin' to it. :D

Anyway, here's the face of my GORGEOUS baby sister and her cute date!!

Because it was a high school dance they weren't allowed to do a full face paint. When she got to her group dinner she found out that most of the people either didn't know or didn't care. (prolly the latter cuz this is high school, let be real folks.) 

So instead we did half creepy skeleton face and half red lip glamour. This is one time when I prolly could have done a better job with better make up supplies but …

My first sewing project!

Last year I got a sewing machine for Christmas. The funny thing is that I have never learned how to sew! I know... you're thinking that's cray cray! I agree. I mean, I've always known how to sew a button, and simply fix a seem, but actually make something? Nope! I know. Sad day. I think every woman should know how to use a sewing machine! 

So the other day I decided to remedy this sad sad situation. I called my sister in law Zina, who has been sewing her own clothes since she was 6 and I asked for a lesson! And I got one! YAY!! And I think it went pretty well!

We started with learning how to thread the machine. I know, it's sad that I didn't know. haha. Fortunately it wasn't that hard. Yay! Then we used a bunch of random fabric i had laying around the house and practiced straight lines. haha. 

YAY! Straight line! haha. I was proud. And actually, that's a close up of the pocket that I made!! After the straight line, we did ruffles and a pocket and elastic and s…

All we know is...

The results are in folks...

YES! We're pregnant!!!
There are simply not words to describe how I feel about this statement. One I've been wanting to make for what seems like forever. One I've heard from so many of my friends and family that made me want to cry. One that seemed impossible to make. And one I am finally able to say for myself. I can't even believe it.
We waited 2 LONG weeks to find out whether or not our little frozen circle would become our miracle. And when I say long, I mean long. Especially when I was supposed to start my period on Friday. Last Friday. So usually when you're trying to get pregnant, you wait till the day your period is supposed to start and you wait... If it doesn't come, you run to the store and buy that expensive little stick and awkwardly try to pee on it. (Maybe they aren't really expensive, but it kinda seems that way, right ladies??) 
Anyway, then you wait a few minutes and see what it says. I had one left over from the la…

Round 2

Transfer 2 happened last week! Actually on Halloween. I'm not sure what the implications of that are for my hopeful child but I guess we'll find out. Or at least I hope we will! And as far as I know, the prospects for this little egg are just as good as the last couple. They didn't give me any percentages this time tho.. probably to keep me from hanging on to them too tightly. 

Anyway, I got some great pics this time! Fortunately, Justin got to be there. I think part of the reason the last eggs didn't take was because Heavenly Father knew I didn't want to have to explain to my children why their father wasn't there at the moment of their conception. (haha. Just Kidding!)

It was actually really nice to have Justin there. The actual inserting of the egg is as simple as simple gets, but if you recall from the last transfer, they do a "washing" of the vaginal canal. And it's the worst of the worst. Last time I got through it with Pinterest. This time I …

Halloween Murder Mystery Night

Confession... I think it's probably annoying for some of you to read these posts about Mutual activities we do. The reason I post about them is because most if not all of my ideas come from other posts that I've searched for. So while the things we do aren't that great, I still want to offer whatever inspiration I can for those to follow. So... 

We did another really great activity for the Young Women a couple weeks ago! haha. This one was a Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner and it turned out awesome!!! It was the brain child of one of my fabulous Laurels who participated in the same activity a couple years ago. Fortunately, she was the only one! So it was a perfect activity for the rest. And to top it all off, it was an LDS theme, so it was all perfectly appropriate. Yay! Here's a few pics. :)

This was the center of the table. Doesn't it look cool?! I should have take a closer pic of the candles. Those are actually rootbeer bottles that I spray painted. Then I took a …

Evening in Excellence - Keepers of His Light

A couple weeks ago we had our Evening in Excellence for the Young Women and it turned out so great! A couple girls decided they wanted to use this event as a Value Project for their personal progress so it was up to them to plan end execute the whole thing. I was a little nervous letting that all out of my control since I'm rather a control freak but I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out.

The girls decided on the theme of "Keepers of His Light" and all the decor was fall themed since we did it in October. Here are some pics!

These were the cute invitations we made. Aren't they awesome! We got the paper at Michael's and use the twine thread to tie a bow. :)

Isn't this great paper??

This is Rachel! She is one of the young women that wanted to help. She and Amber basically did everything!

This is beginning of the leaf lanterns that we made. The final product is further down the page... 

Rachel got a little hostile... ;)

This is Amber!! She amaz…