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13 is a lucky number, right?!

13 months! Holy Hannah. 
This month wasn't super exciting. Just lots of  fun outings and Ty Ty being his cute adorable self.  (We did go to Cabo this month but that gets it's own post!) 

This little boy climbs and climbs everywhere he goes! He in constantly climbing on the couch and  into the window sill. He gets himself stuck there all the time!!

Payton and Ty are best friends. :) They get into LOTS of mischief when they're left alone.  There also love to hit each other. It's not a massive problem yet, but I can see it becoming one rather quickly!

We finally got him a high chair! We weren't being very good parents by not letting him really discover his food, so we repented and got one! Now we try to feed him lots and let him feed himself. I admit, most of it goes on the floor/in his hair. But it's good for him! And he's starting to like to eat lots of different things. 

Lots of new foods on his own means he gets a bath quite often!

He actually loves the b…

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to cry at your birthday party but Ty certainly did!! 

 He actually got two parties! One in Erie, and one at home in Utah. What a spoiled little kid! I didn't have as much time to prep for the one in Erie but I did take a ton more pictures! Sorry! Oh well. I'll share what I have and tell you the stories to go with them. :)

Cathy got a cuper cute cake for Ty! She ordered a big one for every to eat and the bakery she got it from made us a smash cake for free! Isn't it darling?!

This is the little set up I made for him to smash in! We decided to do it outside so we didn't have to worry as much about clean up. We had no idea how much he would or wouldn't eat, so we decided we'd rather be safe than sorry. Do you like it tho?? I made the blue hanging things all by myself with some fabric strips. I think it turned out cute!

What a cute face! I love him. This is before.. 

And this is the after... 

Cake doesn't go in your …

Home is where your heart is

My baby is 1!! Yay!! Seriously, it's been the greatest year ever, and it ended with a phenomenal month!
It started with an awesome trip to Park City with my family for Father's Day! Unfortunately, Justin couldn't be with us cuz he was out of town but I can promise you we did lots of face-timing!!
The weekend started with a fun trip to the olympic park and the kiddos got to play on the climbing wall and the neat little ropes course that we had races on. It was fun!

The course they had was fun but hard! We tried to do them all in a row without touching the ground and some of it was easy and some made us look a little ridonculous. Sorry for the pic katie! haha. 

As we were leaving the ropes course, we stopped and got to watch some people training at their facility for ski jumping! It was into this big pool that had bubbles and stuff. So neat! Ty didn't seem to want to watch tho. All he wanted to do was climb on the fence. Then we looked over and saw he had climbed up two…