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I thought I could so I did

I have a story to tell. It's a little long tho, so bear with me. It's ok if you don't tho cuz this is really for me. But I like to share, so here it goes... 

Also be aware that this story is gonna skip a lot and jump back and forth and seem very disjointed. But I promise it's all related. 
This is the story of my triathlon that I just finished today. Holy hannah, I did a Traithlon. Don't worry, it wasn't an ironman. HA! Just a little sprint (5k run, 12 mile bike and 1/4 mile swim.) But it was an accomplishment nonetheless. 

(This was started the day I did this but my baby and life got in the way so I'm finishing a little later. The story might also be a little disjointed and I might repeat stuff cuz of the time it took me to write it but it's too long to go back and edit the whole thing. Oh well! :D)

I'm not surprised that I could do it but I kinda am. I'm also a little embarrassed to say that since I when Justin and I got married I really was in p…