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3 Whole months?! What?!

My baby is 3 months old?! Where did the time go?! I seriously can't believe it. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday and other days I just know Baby Ty was meant to come to my family since forever. He's amazing. So... without further adieu.. Baby Ty!

Justin's least favorite onsie and my favorite. haha. He's all about free hugs. 

 This was taken during general conference this month. While conference was amazing, it was very difficult to pay attention with this cute face in the way. 

I think I've said this already but Baby Ty is a champion breast`feeder. He just started sleeping in his nursery and so far it's going pretty well! This pic was taken during one of our later feedings of his adorable little feet in his nighty onsie! Is it not the cutest thing ever?? BTW, the orange minky is on my boppy and it's the greatest thing ever. So nice at night when mommy is super tired. :)
He also likes to hold my finger while he's eating and it'…

Blessing Baby Ty

Everytime I get to hear a father bless his child in church I cry. Hearing a priesthood blessing always makes me cry but when it's a father to his child it's even more special. I love that they get that opportunity and it's one they'll never forget. Unfortunately Baby won't remember any of it. :( So I am writing this to help him (and ME!) to remember. :)

Baby Ty was blessed on  September 6, 2015 by his amazing daddy, Justin. The people that joined in the circle were my Dad, my brother Jon, my brother-in-law's Jared and Evan, my uncle's Drew and David, and Justin's cousins Calvin and Clifton and Uncle Gene. And of course our awesome Bishop Jed Smith! We wanted to include SO many more people but they wouldn't have all fit! It goes to show how many people love our family and it makes me feel very blessed.

The blessing itself was very beautiful. Justin cried through the whole thing and I was worse. It's something I've been waiting to hear for a l…

Month 2!!

Holy Hannah! I can't believe it's already been 3 months!!! It's ridiculous. So i'm going back to month 2 because I didn't post any pictures.. haha. I'm sorry! It's crazy how little I feel like I do but how busy I am at the same time. Prolly because this little one requires quite a bit of attention! Oh well. He's kinda cute and super in love with him, so I forgive him! ha

So here are a bunch of pictures with some explanation and some stories that I can remember that may or may not be related to the picture. :D

Baby Ty loves his daddy!

This was actually really cute. They fell asleep together and Brody had to get in on it. He is super great with Ty. Likes to come and lick his toes and then goes on his way. haha. They will be best friends one day!

Sleeping on the couch together!

So little and cute!!

Sometimes he'll get startled while he's sleeping and then he just stays in that position. This one was particularly funny. haha

Can you see his face in …