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1 month down...

Sweet little baby has been growing like a little weed! I can't believe it's already been a month. I've taken a gazillion pictures but they're all pretty much the same view. haha. I will share them anyway but the chances that the picture matches the story. Remember again that this blog is just as much my journal as it is a way to share, so bare with me and the potentially boring stories. :)

Baby sleeping with mommy. :) (There are LOTS of these cuz he's so cute when he's sleeping in my arms.)
The first week at home was awesome and hard and scary and tiring and gave me a ton of anxiety that I didn't expect. Holy Hannah. If you remember from the last post, I mentioned that my milk didn't come in very quickly so I had to start pumping and giving him a bottle. It was easy and fast to feed him but I couldn't be ok with only formula feeding cuz it's just too expensive. Plus I REALLY wanted that experience of being able to nurse. So coming home and not be…

5 long and beautiful days

I'm pretty much gonna pick up this post where I left off on the last one that talked about Baby Ty's delivery so if you're missing some context, go back there!

The next four days (2 for natural delivery but 4 for c section!) were spent in the hospital in room 101. We got transferred to the "c-section section" where there were nurses who specialized in taking care of ladies like me. Fortunately that meant we got a huge double room all to ourselves! It was clear that the room was meant to have 2 patients but they just weren't busy enough to need it. Justin got a bed all to himself so he got pretty good sleep. Obviously not great, but better than he would have had he been given a cot so he was happy. (It took till the last day to realize that it was an actual hospital bed ad that it would tilt up just like mine. haha.) We also both got our own huge TV's so Justin could watch sports center and I could watch whatever I wanted. ha. It was nice. 
The day after t…