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Turkey Bowl 2014!!

I so meant to put these up forever ago! These photos are from the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving day of 2014. All photos are courtesy of my beautiful mother who is amazing with her camera! I'm super jealous. I need to have mine out more often! The pics you see here are almost all from my phone. 
Anyway, the Turkey Bowl this year was over at the hospital park and was mostly our ward. Woohoo! Go 5th ward! However, it seems that a lot of people brought their cousins or in laws or entire family (Thank you Cheneys), so it was kind of a mix of lots of people. Lucky for us, we knew most of them. It was really fun!
So here are some pics that I pulled from the almost 1,000 that were taken. Since it was my mother taking pics, the best ones are of my family, but she got some good ones of other people too! So here ya go!

My little nephew, the best cheerleader there!!

I'm pretty sure he ALMOST caught the ball but didn't quite. haha. Bummer!

I love Matt's face in this pic. haha

This on…

DIY Personalized Cutting Board

Does anyone else have a really hard time shopping for your parents for Christmas? Well I do. So this Christmas I got creative. 
My mom is an amazing cook! To show you how awesome she is, here's an example of one of the spreads she made for a party once. 

That pic doesn't have much to do with this post except to show how awesome my mom is. :) (And this pic doesn't even do it justice!) 
Anyway, she makes this incredible bread. It's an artisan crusty bread and it's delicious! I wish I had a pic of her bread but I don't. However, to get an idea, this is a pic from the blog to whom the recipe belongs. Mom usually changes a couple things and adds her own add ins, but basically, this is it. 

And if you can't tell, it's round. So she needed a cutting board for them! 
I searched high and low for a round cutting board that wouldn't break the bank. I eventually found some at Tai Pan (FAVORITE STORE EVER!) but unfortunately they weren't very pretty. They actual…