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Silly Ty Ty

Ok.. It's been a few long months since I blogged about this sweet baby boy. I have A LOT of amazing pictures and fun stories and I NEED to get them down in writing before I forget! So.. I'm gonna share photos and let you take in the amazingness of this sweetheart. Hopefully I'll get all the stories in!

This kid has always loved bath time. So far he still does. hahaha. 

Church has been a LOT of fun lately! He's doing really well in nursery and shares all the toys! I am still serving in primary so there's been a few times when he's had to join me, but for the most part, he's loving life. 
He does pretty well in Sacrament meeting, but still struggles a little. 
He loves to yell at Dad on the stand (He's in the bishopric!)  He also tends to put his arm up last when we sustain people which makes it seem like he's not in favor... A couple weeks ago he was standing on the bench and wouldn't quit lifting his shirt up...  He loves to yell for the bread …