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My week with Grandpa! + a little more :)

19 Months and counting.. YAY! We had SO much fun this month. Grandpa Greg got to visit and we loved it! We also did lots of other fun things, so enjoy the stories!

This pic needs no explanation. :D

We seem to be finding Tyler in our shoes a lot lately. hahaha. So stinkin cute. He loves it! We haven't found any shoes in weird places yet, so for now, it's all good. I'm just waiting to find one in the garbage or washing machine or something. Maybe then it won't be so cute?!  

Dinosaur Museum! We recently got a pass to Thanksgiving Point and they have a very impressive museum up there with lots of fun things for kids! 

Ty would have spent forever in they're fun little digging place! 

He is learning to share but there weren't very many kids there that day so he did a little bit of hoarding of the dinosaurs!

We tried to get him to sit on the baby Triceratops but he didn't want to. haha

He did want to touch the big shark tho! Go figure!

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