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Baby's first Christmas!

Baby's First Christmas!!!!
Yay! Seriously it was so  much fun. Grandma and grandpa hadn't seen him in a few months and we were all very excited. And it had been 4 years since I had been back east! I'm excited to write this blog and tell you all about it so we'll start from the beginning...!

First.. The dreaded first plane ride! I was SO nervous about this! I have heard horror stories about children on planes and it only made sense that Ty would freak out about this. But we were SO lucky! Isn't he so cute?! haha. The first plane ride he slept on the way up for about an hour, chilled for about an hour in btwn and then slept the last hour. YAY!! That was so great! We also had an awesome lady empty the seat between us so Ty had his own space! This is him playing with his quiet book. (Another blog on that!) 
So.. a little side note.. Because I was so nervous about the flight, I did a LOT of research on tips and tricks with flying with a baby. One of the ones I found was to…