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I'm finally Done!!!

For those of you that didn't know, I have cut myself off from most of the social media world for the last few weeks in order to study for the BOC ATC exam. It's the big final certification test for my schooling that I should have taken a LONG time ago but honestly I keep chickening out. I was worried I wouldn't pass it so I decided not to take it at all. HA! Not such a great choice. Anyway, I finally decided it was time now that baby is only 3 months away so I took the plunge and registered. And now it's finally over. I don't know that I passed it (and won't for a little while) but I was able to convince myself that my self-worth is not wrapped around whether or not I passed this test. So I took it and now it's done. :)
And now the Fun begins!!! In order to force myself to study, I didn't allow myself to do hardly anything baby related for the last few weeks. Unfortunately this means my To-Do list is a mile long!
I actually s…