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Almost 2!!

I can not believe my baby is almost 2!!! His birthday is coming up SO soon and I can't wait to throw a nice big birthday party. BUT I have lots of awesome cute pics of Ty to share that have come over the past couple months.

 (I recognize that this is being posted on July 23 and he is already 2 at this point... I started this a few weeks ago and am just finishing, so I'm not gonna change it! Official 2 year old post coming soon! Hopefully before he turns 3. ;)

These are all from our recent trip to St George. Grandpa rented a fun house that sits on a golf course at Entrada, kinda over by Tuacahn if that means anything to you. It's actually beautiful and has a little waterfall in the back and a little putting green and the kids have so much fun!

Ty LOVED feeding the ducks. He would have done it all day if we let him. 

And it's no surprise that he loved the put put green. 

If we ever needed to find the babies, it was the first place we'd look. 

Speaking of these two, T…