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So.. this post is gonna be all videos. I don't know that they'll be viewable from a mobile device.. (Atleast not when this blog was originally posted. Prolly by the time Ty actually reads this and cares blogs won't even be a thing anymore. haha) Anyway, for now, you'll have to be on an actual computer to see these. 
So.. I don't share videos much but there are so many good ones!! So here they are. These go back all the way to Halloween. :)

hahahahaha. I love baby Superman!

One of his first time's in the bouncer. Thanks Jon and Zina for letting us borrow this!! He loves it!

These are his car noises. :)

This was taken back east over Christmas break! This is December in Erie, PA. There should be 12 feet of snow!!

The Lazy Susan provided LOTS of entertainment for Ty and the rest of the crew over Christmas at Aunt Leslie's. haha


hahahaha. One of his first tries with real food. Guess he likes carrots!

This one was taken for Aunt Kristi while we were in PA. We missed he…

My little climber!

(This picture needs no caption.. But can you look at those eyes????? They're so perfect... Taken by grandma while we were shopping at Old Navy on mom's birthday. Can't believe we didn't buy the hat!!!) 

8 months! My baby is 8 months! He's almost been out as long as he was in. This has been an eventful month and I'm excited to tell you all about it. :)

Baby Ty LOVES his Daddy. It's my favorite thing ever. I love watching Justin be such a great dad. 

I think this was after/during a temper tantrum. haha. He does love sitting in his seat cuz he's starting to figure out that the seat means food so he gets excited. 

Hi Ty!!!
haha. This was at a girls night I went to with some awesome friends of mine. He was already crawling around all over but hadn't ventured up the stairs yet. I assured the ladies he'd be fine and then we look over and there he is! I went to take a pic and he totally waved at me. haha *heart eyes*

Now the stairs are a scary thing in the Sm…

Where did the time go?!

Alright. I'm trying to repent of my blogging delinquencies and get some old ones finished! This particular post is about Justin's family meeting Ty for the first time! He was only 2 months old and we had so much fun! So.. here goes. :)

In September, Gma and Gpa Smith came out to visit! It was their first time meeting baby Ty and it was really fun!!!

Below is Gigi Hank and Gigi Joe and Uncle Ralpth and Aunt Pat. They drove all the way from Pennsylvania to visit!! (Dad and Cathy flew. haha)

Gpa loves baby Ty! This was his first time to really hold him. Look how little he is!

We went up to Provo River Falls and did some hiking. 

They almost killed themselves jumping over rocks. Is this what it's gonna be like with Justin and his son one day? I'm sure it will be fun when Justin is trying so hard to keep up with Ty! It's not that Justin's dad is old, cuz he's actually pretty young to have a 31 year old son! It's just the idea of not letting your son beat you…