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Prego Pics!!!!

YAY! I have been waiting for these for a long time and I think they turned out great! They were taken by my beautiful and amazing mother who has become an incredible photographer and I am so so so so grateful for her!!!!! 
(She's spent a ton of time perfecting this craft and it's amazing! She also did an amazing little shoot for my brand new niece and they are priceless photos!! Yay MOM!!!)
So without further adieu, here they are!

We were goofin off here but it's almost my fav. :)

(Insert Creative Title Here...)

I feel like all my blogs lately have been titled "Update!" or "Lately for us" or something similarly lame, so use your imagination on this one. Yes, this is an update post, I just don't want to call it that. Maybe because this is seriously random and mostly just lots of photos from recently that have a story I kinda want to tell. So here goes nothing. :)
I'll start with the prego updates since those are the most fun!
Unfortunately I don't have a whole ton of pictures, so I'll try to just write things down even if there's no pic. We can start with this one tho. 
My prego belly! I feel like I officially look prego. In other pics I've taken it's been hard to tell the different between fat and baby but now I think there's no question. I actually had a lady ask me "Are you sure there's not twins in there?!" hahaha. I've heard this said to other women and just laughed but I wasn't sure when it was said to me!! I guess it…

The results are in!

I need another drum roll please....
Guess what?!
I PASSED!!!!! 

Holy Hannah I can't believe it!! I know I said I felt confident but that was all about the power of positive thinking. haha. They said it would take 2-4 weeks for the results to be posted online so I've been checking the results page every day for a week. It was making me so anxious! I didn't realize I would get an email. haha. But I did when I was driving home from women's conference on Friday. I had already called Justin to meet me at the gas station to help me fill my car with gas, so as I pulled in and parked by the pump, I opened the BOC website. I had been preparing myself on the drive for complete failure. I was certain at that moment I had failed the test. But I opened it up and saw that it said "Eligible for Certification"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(This is the website. I was waiting for it to change from "Registered" to "Eligible for Cert." Had I failed, it wo…