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Heaven on Earth

I may or may not have written about Cabo before. If not, my parents own a condo down there so they go a couple times a year. They try to bring the fam along sometimes so this is our 3rd trip down there in the last few years. It's a time share style so we get the amenities of a hotel but all the perks of ownership. It's a pretty sweet deal! THANKS MOM AND DAD!! It's definitely a lot of fun.

(We go the first couple weeks in August. I realize this is being posted in November. Better late than never!! But also why the descriptions for each photo may be less than awesome. ha. Sorry!)

Dad has some kind of elite membership with Delta which means all his luggage flies for free. Half of the group came late, but they sent their luggage with the first group. It took us about an hour standing there to get everyone checked in with their luggage. Only a little embarrassing!

Luckily we had Carter to entertain the kiddos!! He's so stinkin cute. 

The first night we stayed in a differen…