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I am a terrible mother! Not really. Just a terrible blogger. But mostly because being a mommy is hard! It's the single most wonderful thing I've ever done in my entire life! But that little stinker is all over the place and I don't have a whole lot of time to just sit down and write. So... I'm gonna start where I am and maybe get the last three month on here eventually! I so want to cuz there are lots of good stories but I'm afraid if I keep back tracking that I'll never get to the current stuff. So... 

My baby is 6 months old!!! Holy hannah. I can't believe it. Every time he gets another another month older I kinda freak out feeling like it was just yesterday that he was still kicking me from the inside instead of in the back at 2 am. But alas, he's all grown up! 

Baby Ty weighed 16 lbs 8 oz  and was 27 inches long at his 6 month appointment. Getting so big! He's wearing size three diapers and is in mostly 9 month clothes. 

Are you as in love with this face as much as I am?!

He is the biggest laugher and smiler and is SO close to being mobile! He's getting up on his hands and knees and even his feet downward dog style. It's so stinkin cute!

He hasn't figured out the whole "move the hands" part of crawling so he's landed on his face a number of times lately. He's getting tough tho! 

Little bum in the air!! :D

Lately we've been blocking him in on the bed. He rolls around everywhere trying to get stuff but he can't quite go straight forward. haha. So we have to put all the pillows around the edge. (He can't quite roll over them yet!) It's actually funny cuz sometimes he rolls towards something and he misjudges the angle and still can't reach it so he gets mad. haha. Then sometimes he falls asleep on the bed. It's so cute!

The other day he was rolling around on his little play mat thing and flipped it right over. :)

My other favorite thing he's doing lately is grabbing his feet. He discovered them a while ago but now he just won't let them go. haha. LOVE!

** heart eyes **

This was baby's first time in the grocery cart!!! It's so stinkin cute. I hate putting the car seat in the cart cuz I'm too short and I can't see over it so I almost run over old ladies every time I walk into the store. But now I don't have to do that! YAY!

** more heart eyes! **

Our biggest struggle lately is that he only wants to sleep with yours truly. (and by that I mean me!!) It's awesome cuz I love nothing more than to snuggle him but I'd really like a chance to snuggle my other favorite guy. (and by that I mean my hubby!) He has been through lots of different sleep cycles but since we were back east for Christmas, he hasn't wanted to sleep anywhere but with me. The last couple nights he's done pretty well sleeping in bed but I still have to get up a few times. We'll get there though. :)

How could you not love this tho? Justin is trying hard to convince me that he needs to sleep in his own bed. And he's right!! But then he snuggles with me and I just can't do it. :( But then he cries at 12:30 and 2:30 and 2:45 and 4 and then I think how nice it would be to sleep all night. I have hope but until it happens I will enjoy waking up to this face. 

"Ya' give em books and ya give em books and what do they do? They chew on the covers."
~Craig Cheney

It's true dad. I'm sorry! ;) But sometimes he lets me read them and when he does, he loves them! His favorite lately is "Tu eres mi madre?" haha. His favorite Auntie Ali gave him "Are you my mother?" for Christmas and we read it in English and in Spanish. So fun! 

I don't have any pics of him with toys but he LOVES his toys lately. This is one of the blankets that his grandma gave him. He loves to chew on the little tabs! He now has so many toys I don't know what to do with them. He loves to chew on everything!

Everything except food! He loves his mega seat but doesn't love to eat anything except baby milks from mommy. However, the last week or so he's starting to love puffs and baby food. So far his favorite is bananas. :)

Other than eating, this is his next favorite thing to do in the seat. He actually looks a little creepy and contorted but also very cute and funny. He reaches for everything that's even remotely close to his chair and I know that eventually he's gonna fall out. I'm trying really hard to prevent that. :)

He also loves to chew on the seat. It's adorable. :)

Does that smile kill you?

I have to add how much fun Baby Ty is having with his dad. Justin LOVES his son and it makes me more happy that I thought I could ever be. Ty is so active and fun and talking and laughing and we all love it! 

Speaking of laughing... We had a little party the other day and found out how much baby Ty really loves Brody. We were throwing him a ball and every time he caught it Ty would laugh and laugh and so did we! 

Baby Ty is loving his cousins! Carter and Rush are so cute with him! Brookie still tries to strangle him when she hugs him but we're pretty sure it's cuz she loves him. 

Our favorite thing is Peyton and Ty! She is so different from him but the two of them are adorable. They love to grab each other's faces and roll on top of each other. The other day they were on the bed together and I looked down to see Ty smacking Peyton in the face. She gets this very sad face but doesn't cry till it's over and it's hilarious and sad. So I stopped him and she cried and then I got to snuggle with her. It all turned out ok. :)

So that's my sweetie! He's the joy of our lives and makes us all smile all day long. The growing up thing is bitter sweet cuz I really want him to stay little but watching him learn new things is so much fun. We couldn't be happier!


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