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Heaven on Earth

I may or may not have written about Cabo before. If not, my parents own a condo down there so they go a couple times a year. They try to bring the fam along sometimes so this is our 3rd trip down there in the last few years. It's a time share style so we get the amenities of a hotel but all the perks of ownership. It's a pretty sweet deal! THANKS MOM AND DAD!! It's definitely a lot of fun.

(We go the first couple weeks in August. I realize this is being posted in November. Better late than never!! But also why the descriptions for each photo may be less than awesome. ha. Sorry!)

Dad has some kind of elite membership with Delta which means all his luggage flies for free. Half of the group came late, but they sent their luggage with the first group. It took us about an hour standing there to get everyone checked in with their luggage. Only a little embarrassing!

Luckily we had Carter to entertain the kiddos!! He's so stinkin cute. 

The first night we stayed in a different room rather than our suite and the kiddos decided to play with the pots and pans! haha. 

Church!! There's a local branch that we always attend and we always enjoy it! And Ty found a friend! They were so cute together!

Lunch in the sports bar! 
(Don't you love it when you think everyone's doing a silly face behind you and it turns out they're all smiling and you're the only weirdo not smiling...)

The best part about vacations is nap time. They always sleep so well in strollers and cribs they don't recognize...

Luckily Kristi brought some comforts from home! The kids played with this all week. :)

The kiddie pool was awesome!!

Quite the view from the balcony. :)

This was the beginning of his crazy climbing career!

Ty really started walking on this trip!!! He had taken lots of steps and was standing all the time but the real solid walk was here. YAY TY TY!!!

Our fav part of our place is our rooftop pool!!! The kids get to play in it every day and it was so fun. 

It took a minute to love the floaties but once he did, it was perfect. He loved it. :)

All the kiddos played together a ton and they got along great!

Grandpa was by far the favorite person. :D It may have had something to do with the popcorn. 

This was on the catamaran that we went on! 

Ty is very good at drinking water by himself. Most of it ends up on his clothes but he doesn't seem to mind.  ;) hahah. But when you're on a boat with a net and wearing a swimsuit, that's ok!

While we were out there, we decided to go jump off a big rock off lover's beach so we jumped off the catamaran and had to swim over there. On our way, we ended up swimming through a cloud of jellyfish remnants. The water there has a bunch of blue bubble jellyfish who's sting is extremely dangerous. Every once in a while one gets chopped up by a boat propeller and the pieces still have some of their sting for a while. So.. that's what we stumbled upon and all of us were stung pretty bad. Some how some of it got into my swim suit and stung my stomach. This pic was taken several hours after it happened. It hurt A LOT!!!!! 

This was after the carnage happened. We all sat on the catamaran and lounged like a bunch of dead people. I'm pretty sure that's what we were supposed to do anyway so it's all good. haha

The arch!!

I <3 him. :)

This may be hard to see... but on the far right side of the pic you can see the arch. And on the far left side you can see the very end of our hotel. The large beach you can see next to the arch is divorce beach which connects through the rocks to the famous lover's beach. :)

Pool noodles are fun. :)

Playing in the sand!!!!

This is the beach in front of our hotel. :)

We did a little photo shoot with all the babies in front of the hotel on the beach. It was super hot tho so we stayed in the little corner with the shade and cold sand!

I love Carter's face. :)

These babies are my favorite!

This could possibly be used for blackmail later. 

I so wish I could put emoji's in this blog. This one would be the laughing crying face. 

Those are turtle tracks!!!!!!!! This beach used to be a breeding ground for turtles so during the right season, they come up on the beach and lay their eggs and then leave. Because there's now a hotel, the staff takes the eggs and puts them in a new place where they won't be disturbed by the guests. A few years ago the fam got to help pull the eggs out of the sand. There were something like 75 of them. I so want to see this sometime!! This particular track didn't lead to any eggs but hopefully next time I'll get to see some!

Kristi and Mom and I got to do this superfun Ultralight plane. Ever see "Fly Away Home?" Same thing!! It was so neat!!!

Enjoying the sunrise on the beach. :)

I hadn't planned to play in the sand this morning but we did anyway! Ty LOVED the sand. Seriously He thought it was delicious. ;)

I'm not entirely sure but I think I was working on some sore muscles on grandpa and the kids decided to take advantage. :D

That's what we call a tan line!!!

Dinner at Maria Jimenez's! Seriously so delicious. Started in a teeny tiny place that had maybe 15 seats and now it's huge cuz it was so amazing. 

Ty had lots of fun playing on his chair instead of sitting in it and eating his food. 

This thing was by far the favorite toy. It was meant for the pool but didn't hold the kids very well, so it got brought inside. We brought it home with us and it is now a favorite at our house too! 

This is from the family pictures. :)

Omg this stroller was his favorite toy the whole time. (Other than the floatie!) He climbed in and out of this little stroller prolly 1,000 times. He also fell out of it several times which was so fun for mommy. 

So there was a big hurricane warning the day after the men joined the trip. There was a major hurricane a couple years ago that had people stranded in their hotels for days with no electricity and little food. It was pretty scary. So we batted down the hatches and got food from costco to last for days! 
The men, however, had a different idea. They wanted to make sure they got their golf in for the trip so they went while they could. Lucky for them, it rained the whole time. haha. They said it wasn't bad most the time but there were a few times when they had to hide in a tunnel. haha. When they got home, they all went straight for the hot tub on our balcony. Fully clothed.

Another of Ty's favorite spots during this trip. 

This little boy was full into his cheesy smile phase. It makes my heart melt!

So many happy babies!!

Again in the sand!!

The favorite of the adults this week was SPIKEBALL!! Have you ever played? Cuz if not, you should! Can you get a more picturesque location?

Not sure why he fell asleep here but I love him when he's so snuggly. :)

Don't freak out! It's not real. haha. My sisters and I got a crazy idea to all get the same henna tattoo on Medano beach. Most everyone's got smudged but mine stayed pretty perfect! I actually loved it. haha. :D

Dinner at our hotel. It was delicious!

There was a little ledge at the end of our bed that Ty couldn't help but climb into at every opportunity. Then he'd look at us and smile like that, like he was so proud of himself for finding this neat little spot. 

Eventually Ty graduated from his big floaty to his arm thingy from costco and he wouldn't take it off!!

He and Peyton loved the little ledge and hung out there a LOT!

My mother takes amazing photos...!!!!!!

ALL the kids loved the floaties!!!! Thank you Costco!

Jared doesn't like having his picture taken. 

Some of the babies got Hand Foot and Mouth Disease!? :( So they got bathes in the sink with salt water. Poor things! Can you tell how upset Ty was over it? ;)

This was a common occurrence that week. Thanks babies. 

We got a chance to take some family pictures on the beach. I know I said this already but, my mother is amazing!! Isn't this a great photo of our family?? I'm in love with it. 

Family photo!!!!!

I'm also in love with this amazing young woman. Holy hannah. She is gorgeous!!

Smelly and Jared...

Evan, Kristi, Rush and Peyton...

Jon, Zina, Carter, Brooklyn and Aaron...

Justin, Jessie and Tyler!

This was Ty for most of the pics. hahahahaha. Poor thing was sick and did not want to be happy. :( I love that Peyton is so happy and Ty is so sad. haha. I heart them!

OMG I love them. 

It's actually a miracle that we got this last picture. We were all set from the pic with just the kids and a dude came walking by on the beach. Mom rarely gets in the pictures so she asked him to take a pic of the whole clan! He graciously obliged and came over to do it. Mom and Dad jump in and the guy tried to take a pic. It was only after this that we realize he is completely DRUNK!!! hahahaha. he was swaying all over the place and almost dropped the camera like 12 times. It was hilarious! We are so lucky we got one! haha. 

YAY for CABO 2016!!!!!!!


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