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My week with Grandpa! + a little more :)

19 Months and counting.. YAY! We had SO much fun this month. Grandpa Greg got to visit and we loved it! We also did lots of other fun things, so enjoy the stories!

This pic needs no explanation. :D

We seem to be finding Tyler in our shoes a lot lately. hahaha. So stinkin cute. He loves it! We haven't found any shoes in weird places yet, so for now, it's all good. I'm just waiting to find one in the garbage or washing machine or something. Maybe then it won't be so cute?!  

Dinosaur Museum! We recently got a pass to Thanksgiving Point and they have a very impressive museum up there with lots of fun things for kids! 

Ty would have spent forever in they're fun little digging place! 

He is learning to share but there weren't very many kids there that day so he did a little bit of hoarding of the dinosaurs!

We tried to get him to sit on the baby Triceratops but he didn't want to. haha

He did want to touch the big shark tho! Go figure!

I've been told the reason you have kids is so they can do your chores, right?! haha. Starting out young!! 

We had a huge snow right before grandpa came and they plows put a huge pile onto our front lawn. So we decided to make the best of it! I have to admit it was imspired by our friends Ryanne and Casey who did the same thing to our yard a few years ago when they're kids were smaller. 

We made a little sledding hill!!! Seriously it was so awesome. Ty loved it! He's always loved the snow but this was extra fun. Dad packed the snow down really well so we could put the sled on and not sink, and we went for a few runs!!! Holy cow it was fun. 

Brody, on the other hand, didn't love it so much. hahahahaha. We tried forever to make him go down but we mostly failed. We finally got a hold of him long enough to make him go down but it didn't last long! hahahaha

I insisted we make a snowman together and it was one of the first ones I made all by myself! hahaha. Ty was a little wary of this strange lookin dude tho. This was as close as he'd get!

Happy family!!!

This is super random, but it's my new obsession. Both Target and the milk steamer. :D Ty loves to hang out in the cart so we go a lot. (insert cheesy smile!) 

This isn't a great pic of either of us but I'm realizing I'm not posting a lot about normal things, just the fun things we do. So.. a little update on that... Schedule wise, Ty goes to bed between 8 and 9 ish and wakes up between 6 and 7 usually. He still LOVES his bottle and drinks one every morning when he wakes up. If it's early enough, we get to snuggle in bed before mommy has to go to work. This is my FAVorite time of the day. Seriously. He's so so sweet. 


It took a little bit of convincing in the car, but once we were home, it was right to playing with toys and having fun. YAY!!!

Luckily I had like a 4 day break between jobs so I got to be home the whole time Grandpa was here!! Oma came a little later but I was working, so there's little to no picture evidence of that happening. Bummer!  

This was at the museum of curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. We LOVE it there!! The lego room is just one of a million things to do there. But Ty really loves it!

I'm pretty sure Daddy made that tower and as soon as he picked up Ty he knocked it over. Oops!! 

They also have a cool sensory room with fun things to touch and play with. 

The little water jackets are SO cute but still a little big on Ty! haha

But the shoes fit awesome! ;) 

Grandpa may have had more fun in this section than Ty. ;)

Not sure what they're both looking at...?! 

The best part of the whole place is definitely the climbing jungle gym. It's so cool. 

Ty followed Grandpa around this whole thing!!

This slide was grandpa's favorite part. ;) Ask me later about the time he made me go down upside down and backwards...

This is Ty trying to help daddy blow up our new sleds!!! We were gonna go to Soldier's Hollow to sled but you have to be 3 to do it, so we got our own and went to the park!

Ty tried to get us to stay home and just cuddle in the sleds at home.

This is Ty trying to get out of the tube as he's going down with grandpa! hahahaha

And this is him coming down with Dad! 

He actually didn't love it very much but he did love the snow! In his defense, it was snowing and super cold, so I can't really blame him. It actually cleared up right as we were leaving. Bad timing!

We also went to Lowe's extreme Air Sports so Grandpa could try the Ninja Warrior course. He didn't love it so much but you can ask me about that another day. hahaha. Ty, on the other hand, always loves that place! He has so much fun there!

There's my Ty under the bear! haha. This is at scheels, another of Ty's favs.  

Weirdly enough, the escalator is one of his favorite things. 

The fish tank is another fav. :D

He has lots of favorite things. :)

I think these actually might be two separate trips to scheels but that's ok. We did get to show grandpa all those things and it was so so much fun! 

This isn't a great picture cuz I cropped it from another photo. (We went to visit the car shop from the show "B!)$#@ Rides cuz it's dad's fav!) But it's one of the only pics I have of the three of them together! I wish Ty's face were happier. haha. The point is that we LOVED having Grandpa here and hope he can come back really soon! Skype just isn't enough for us!!

Oh my silly Ty Ty. He loves the bath, and he loves his toothbrush. So why not do it together! hahahaha. This is a very common occurrence in our house. :) But who can say no to that face?!

Anyway, Happy January! 


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