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Oh man.. It's been a few weeks since I last posted! I never wanted to go that long but the last couple weeks have been sooo busy. At least that's my excuse. So here's an update from the last little while. :)

We will start with our very first ultrasound!!! I was only 5 weeks along so there wasn't much to see but we still got to see it!!

Ready for this......?!


Can you see that itty bitty tiny little circle in the middle of the not much bigger circle?! haha. Yup! That's my baby!! It was quite a moment for us. haha. 

The next week we got to have another ultrasound where we got to hear the heartbeat. I wish I had a great picture of the moment but it doesn't matter. It's still something I'll never forget. (Some may ask how you heard the heart beat that early?! Well, it was with a vaginal ultrasound, so it was very close to the actual fetus. haha.) We could see the picture of the little fluttering heart and then he turned on the sound and we could hear it. Going 120 beats per minute. I looked back at Justin and squeezed his hand and he had tears coming down his face. It was so sweet. Once I got to put my clothes back on we had a big long tight hug and couldn't stop crying. I obviously cried a ton when we found out but since then there hadn't been a lot of crying. But that moment brought a lot of tears. It made it all much more real that it wasn't just a little seed that was growing. Our little blueberry has a heart beat and now a brain and little kidneys and a liver! It was definitely surreal and amazing. 

We then "Graduated" from Reproductive Care Center and have  been passed on to the regular OB. Leaving the doc himself wasn't that big a deal but the nurses sure made me cry. haha. They've been there for a lot of really hard moments for us and were really amazing. I'm not sure if the nurse wanted it, but I hugged her and cried. haha. 

So the rest of the week... Got to hang out a bunch with my favorite nephews in the world. 

This is Rushy in the "box" that he used for several purposes including sitting and as a basketball hoop. ha. We were babysitting while mom and dad saw a movie. Love babysitting this kiddo!

This is me and Carter on Katie's bday. Buuuuut I reposted it for THIS GUY'S second birthday. He is seriously so cute. LOVE him!!!

This was posted by Carter's Aunt Galya on his actual birthday. What a stud!! haha

The next day was Thanksgiving!!! This is a big chunk of my mom's side of the fam. 

Love these people!!

Side note about thanksgiving... It was the first day that I actually felt nausea from being pregnant! I LOVE thanksgiving dinner. Especially the one cooked by my mother. She's amazing. Anyway, I'm the kind of girl that will force myself to eat more just cuz I can and it's so delicious. But that day, I got one plate (that wasn't that full cuz I don't like my foods to touch, I know I'm weird... ) and I couldn't even finish it! I was sooo sad! The stuffing was so yummy and I couldn't eat it. It was the strangest feeling. And then the rest of the day I just felt gross. I never actually threw up but i felt like it the whole time. It was a major bummer. We ate pretty early in the day which meant there were lots of left overs being warmed up that evening. But none for me! 

This is a semi big deal because for the first couple weeks I wasn't sick at all! My sister would get sick the moment she knew she was pregnant so I was feeling pretty good that I wasn't sick. Looks like I spoke too soon! :( Yesterday was pretty miserable too. And I finally threw up for the first time on Sunday! It wasn't horrible but it's never fun to throw up. haha. Yuck! I've since discovered that if I'm consistently eating something, the nausea isn't so bad. I've been through a LOT of lifesavers lately. haha. 

Well.. That's all for now. Posts to come on my awesome Christmas decor! I Love Christmas!!


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