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Me No Likey

Oh where to start... In the "It finally started" post I said that I had finally started the process of IVF. (clever title, eh?) I also said that I hadn't really felt anything so far. Well, turns out I either jinxed myself or it was just too early to tell. I didn't have crazy effects, but one night I did cry all the way through "Master Chef" which is not really a crying show. haha. I also felt super "off" on Thursday. I'm not really sure how to describe it except to say just that. It was weird and I stayed in bed all day and cried and ate Blue Bell. I guess that's not the worst way to spend a day but it wasn't very productive either. haha.

The shots got easier and easier to give myself up until I had to start taking the cetrotide. I only took it twice but both times it stung going in and lasted way longer than the others. No bueno in my book. The next new shot I had was the trigger shot. It came a day earlier than expected but that ended up being a good thing with our schedule. This is the one drug that has to be taken exactly 36 hours before the retrieval surgery. I was originally told it had to be in the butt and wasn't excited about that, but the nurse said I could do it in the stomach with the rest of them which meant I didn't have to ask someone else to give it to me! This is a good thing. So they said to put some ice on the spot, give yourself the shot, and then put a hot compress on it. So that's what I did! And it was mostly fine. It didn't hurt going in like my other new shot, so I was happy to have followed directions and dodged the crazy bullet I had heard so many horror stories about. Turns out that was too quick as well. Haha. The next day I woke up and my stomach was super tight and super sore! I could feel my clothes on that spot, I couldn't touch it, and it hurt to even use my stomach muscles at all. I also felt super bloated and my stomach was so tight I felt pregnant. (Not that I know what that feels like, but it's the best description I can come up with.) Anyway, it was pretty awful all day and made it hard to sleep that night.

In anticipation of the surgery the next morning, I had my dad and handsome hubby give me a priesthood blessing. I have a testimony of a lot of things in the gospel, but one that stands out is that of the priesthood. All through my years of suffering with endometriosis, I never once didn't ask for a blessing. I don't even want to know how horrible it may have been had I not had all those blessings. So of course I asked for one this time. It was a beautiful blessing and spirit was so strong. I was also able to attend the temple on Saturday to support my cousin who was taking out her own endowments and I was so grateful to be there and have that rejuvenation as well.

So then there was this morning! I woke up about 10 times during the night with all kinds of weird dreams about the procedure not working, or me not bringing all my eggs with me (what the weird?) and about waking up super late. What can I say?! I have weird dreams. Especially when I'm anxious about something. So I finally got up and arrived at 8. Got in and had surgery and was out by 10. I'm pretty sure I was only actually under the anesthetic for about 25 minutes total since the procedure only takes about 10 minutes total. But it felt longer! Justin had plans to film me to make fun of whatever I said while coming off the anesthesia but apparently I was pretty boring. I just kept insisting that it couldn't be over yet. haha. Oh well! I was super groggy but mostly ok. I felt like I left pretty quickly of course holding onto Justin so I wouldn't fall over. haha. I love him so much! I came home and climbed into bed and cuddled for a little while. Then he had to leave so I stayed in bed. I felt pretty drowsy most of the day and my tummy hurts when I walk around, but for the most part, it hasn't been that bad. As long as I'm sitting and my pants are lower on my hips, I feel pretty normal. I'm taking another medication now to get rid of some of the fluid in my uterus that is supposed to make me dizzy and nauseous but I haven't taken it yet. We'll see how that goes.

Sorry for long boring post, just wanna keep you updated and remember for later. :) To make up for it, i'll share this slightly embarassing, not very flattering photo I took right before surgery this morning. haha. :)


  1. LOVE the picture. Honestly, I had no idea this process was so intense. I thought you just went in one day and got an injection and tada!

  2. I'm pretty sure I ate about 10 gallons of ice cream leading up to our cycle. :) You're a strong lady! Praying for you!

  3. You are in my prayers. Your strength will strengthen many others and you will be blessed for it. I love you.

  4. You are en amazing, courageous women¡¡ live you¡¡


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