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Long Overdue Update :)

Oh  Holy Hannah. It's been like 6 weeks since I wrote a blog. I want to blame it on my pregnancy but . . . wait . . . I'm definitely blaming this little kiwi in my belly. She's killing me! (And no that's not an announcement, I just think it's a girl and I don't like saying "it." So "she" it is!) Anyway, yes, she's killing her mommy. Not literally, just figuratively. Let's go back a little and answer a few questions I've been getting and to just get it on the record.

Side note... I started this blog so it could be a help for those that are going through IVF and also to be a sort of education for those that wonder. But now that it's semi over, I guess it's just a journal for me. I'm happy to share it with people cuz I'm kind of a share kinda person, but I regret to inform anyone that's reading this that it won't be super exciting anymore. haha. I don't have any big news to announce, I just want to be able to write stuff down. Plus, for those few months, this blog was rather therapeutic for me, so I imagine it will still be this way, just in a different way. Anyway.. long side note.. haha

If there's any news that may be interesting to someone, it's that we had our ultrasounds and do know that there's only one baby! I admit at the beginning I was a little bummed about this.. We are gonna have only a couple shots at getting pregnant, so I was hoping we could get one more than normal. But in the long run, It's almost definitely a good thing that we're only getting one. Two might be more than we can handle! I know I could handle anything the Lord wanted to give us, but again, His plan was different from mine. But that's ok. As long as the plan involves a little one coming, I'm OK!

So back to the fact that she's killing me... I was super excited because for the first couple weeks after we found out, I wasn't sick at all! I was so excited to not have my sister's crazy pregnancy, but I was so wrong... haha. It's been a LONG six weeks. The next couple weeks, waiting till my first OB appointment, I had a lot of nausea. I didn't throw up a ton, but I wanted to all the time. In the middle of that 2 weeks was the ward Christmas party that I was in charge of. It ended up turning out really great but it took quite a bit of work to make that so! The day before, I was at the church all day setting up, literally from about noon till almost 11 PM. The fact that I hadn't done a ton of working out also contributed, I'm sure. I went from doing mostly nothing to working and going all day long wasn't good for me. Anyway, I came home that night and threw up really hard.. And to top it all off, Justin was out of town on a last minute trip to Oregon helping a friend out. It was rough to say the least.

I finally went to the OB for the first time and she gave me a prescription of Zofran which has made life much easier. It hasn't taken the nausea away completely but it makes it much more manageable for sure. So the last little while has been difficult, but not so bad. I think about a few of the women I know that have it much worse that I do and it makes it all ok. My sister, for example, can't even think about tomatoes without gagging and eating one will without a doubt make her throw up. For me, it's not so bad. I can eat most things except big chunks of meat... and I'm not super excited about Mexican food. Prolly cuz I've thrown it up a few times. I don't think it's anything specific cuz it's been a different part of the dish every time. haha. Sorry, that's prolly TMI, but oh well. My Journal, right?

Let's see... other things I could write about.. Maybe a few pics over the last few weeks so this isn't so so lame.

See the long toilet paper roll thingy.. That's my dad growling into an empty Christmas Paper Roll and that's the boys hiding trying to get away. haha. They're so cute. I love them!!

These are our spoiled puppies on Christmas morning. haha

This is my handsome hubby about to ruin his perfect game. haha. He was so sad. Pool is a favorite past time in our family and the boys are often found around this table. This particular night, Justin was first.. He broke, and subsequently got in every one of the striped balls. He then went for the eight ball and as you can see, the cue ball is going straight for the corner pocket. It was the saddest moment ever! There was lots of yelling and excitement. I think Justin ran away. haha. I was sooo proud! And then so sad. ha. Oh well. There's always next time!

These cuties LOVE football for some reason. haha. We loved watching the BYU bowl game together. :)

This is Rushy at the bowling alley. He wasn't super interested in the bowling but loved to "Shooting! Shooting!" 

This is the painting I did at the Land Rover Dealership. Every quarter they have to do some type of customer appreciation event and since it was 0 degrees outside, they did a painting mixer thing instead of a drive, which is usually was Land Rover does. It was like pulling teeth, but we got the boys to join us and we actually had a really good time! They told us how to do everything and showed us step by step. It was really fool proof, but I think it turned out pretty good!! 

This is Blakey. haha. He's one of our old friend's son. His mom and dad, Nellie and Blake, were our best friends in college, but they up and moved half way around the country, so we don't see them that often. How rude, right?! Anyway, they were visiting Blake's parents in Layton so we got to see them a couple times over the break. It was soo great to catch up! And fun to see how big their kids are getting! 

Well, I think that's all I've got for right now. Hopefully it wasn't too super boring, but I'll say it again, My Journal! haha. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Have a great day!!


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