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Turkey Bowl 2014!!

I so meant to put these up forever ago! These photos are from the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving day of 2014. All photos are courtesy of my beautiful mother who is amazing with her camera! I'm super jealous. I need to have mine out more often! The pics you see here are almost all from my phone. 

Anyway, the Turkey Bowl this year was over at the hospital park and was mostly our ward. Woohoo! Go 5th ward! However, it seems that a lot of people brought their cousins or in laws or entire family (Thank you Cheneys), so it was kind of a mix of lots of people. Lucky for us, we knew most of them. It was really fun!

So here are some pics that I pulled from the almost 1,000 that were taken. Since it was my mother taking pics, the best ones are of my family, but she got some good ones of other people too! So here ya go!

My little nephew, the best cheerleader there!!

I'm pretty sure he ALMOST caught the ball but didn't quite. haha. Bummer!

I love Matt's face in this pic. haha

This one too. ha

There was a little bit of rear end grabbing while going for the flags. haha

Here's that awesomely gorgeous sister of mine again. :)

How could you not love that little boy?!

John is going for Justin!

And he might get him ... !!

Caught the ball!!

I'm pretty sure this is how I always felt when going for flags. So close but not quite. haha

Jon gets the flag in this pic.... 

And then dad gets a butt squeeze by three others going for the ball in this one.. haha. love it. 

The beautiful photographer!!!!

My fav pic from the whole day. Justin and Danny = Best friends!

Ow! Ow!

Sorry for so few words here.. I wasn't quite sure how to describe all of them. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed anyway!


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