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I feel like all my blogs lately have been titled "Update!" or "Lately for us" or something similarly lame, so use your imagination on this one. Yes, this is an update post, I just don't want to call it that. Maybe because this is seriously random and mostly just lots of photos from recently that have a story I kinda want to tell. So here goes nothing. :)

I'll start with the prego updates since those are the most fun!

Unfortunately I don't have a whole ton of pictures, so I'll try to just write things down even if there's no pic. We can start with this one tho. 

My prego belly! I feel like I officially look prego. In other pics I've taken it's been hard to tell the different between fat and baby but now I think there's no question. I actually had a lady ask me "Are you sure there's not twins in there?!" hahaha. I've heard this said to other women and just laughed but I wasn't sure when it was said to me!! I guess it's fair cuz I prolly could have passed for prego before there was a child in there, but Oh well! I'm kinda proud of this baby bump, so there!

(Sorry for the poor quality.. I'm not sure I ever intended to actually post this. And my mother just took some beautiful pregnancy pics of me and Justin together so those will be coming soon!!)

This next one is of Justin and I and some of the first baby clothes we received! We just had our baby shower today (another post about that to come soon) so now we have tons! but this was the first so we were excited!

 I've been feeling pretty good lately and haven't been very sick. (WOOHOO!!!!!) But there's certainly other side effects to being prego. ha. To start with, just this last week I started to get really swollen feet! :( I was really hoping to avoid this symptom! Bummer. We were helping Justin's cousin set up for his wedding reception and I looked down at my feet and almost gasped out loud. It look like someone had pumped liquid into my feet when I wasn't looking. This pic doesn't do it justice at all. It's been such a bummer! They hurt that whole weekend! Fortunately over the past week it's kind of subsided. I can atleast tell that I have tendons in my feet! Justin was a little freaked out and we weren't sure what to do but I've had a few people rub my little chubbers and it's made it much better. 

There's pretty much just a straight line from my calves to my feet. No ankle bones, no tendons... yikes!!!

 In other prego news... I'm super grateful to not be sick anymore but I've just traded nausea for discomfort. Baby is sitting SUPER high, which I think is what spurred the twins comment. But no, the bottom half of my belly is fat and the top half is baby. ha! Other than looking like a cow, the downside to this is that he is constantly in my ribs!!! It's especially bad when I'm working and sitting on the world's most uncomfortable office chair that baby is super squished in my belly. It's only natural that he would try to kick his way out. I'm with you little guy. If you could be here now, I would have you here! Unfortunately, you need to do a little more growing, so we'll just suffer together for a little longer. M'kay pumpkin? ;)

So basically he loves to kick me in the ribs. No one kick hurts but after a while I get super uncomfortable. The best way to be happy is to lay down and then I LOVE his kicks! They are amazing and so fun to feel. It's my favorite when he plays the piano on my ribs. haha. This little guy is super active!!! I love it!

K so what's next...

I basically LOVE this little boy and having him over. He's SO fun to play with and I know he'll be best friends with our little one... 

We FINALLY got the office moved downstairs (which is kinda a pain if I do say so myself) but to do so meant that we had to clean out the storage room and the office which is now the relatively empty nursery. It was quite the project and the downstairs was a pretty big mess for a little while. Fortunately, it meant we got to do a bunch of good purging which also means lots of going through old stuff and reminiscing. I swear if there was some kind of rule against story telling with all your old stuff it would be a lot easier to get things cleaned out! So the pic above is one I found amidst my story telling. It is of an ice cream bowl we used to get at a shop called Oficina do Sorbet. It's in Foz de Iguazu, Brasil and it was basically the most delicious thing in the world. We went to the Iguazu Falls several times while living only a few hours away. So basically the picture has nothing to do with anything except that I love to reminisce. ha.

Brooky has been super cute lately and she basically made a new best friend in Brody! haha. I swear she gives more to the dogs than she eats herself. 

Brody and I went to the park and I didn't have his frisbee, so he sat next to me and waited till I magically found it. Which I didn't. Poor puppy!

I got to go to Women's Conference a couple weekends ago! It was really awesome! If you've never been, GO! It's a great couple days and I've always enjoyed going. They have tons of speakers and lots of good advice and messages. My mom's method is to pick a spot in the conference center and let the speakers come to her. They're usually the best ones anyway cuz they reserve the biggest auditorium for the best speakers. So it's always worked out well. The problem with the spot we picked on the second day is that I could read the teleprompter! can you see it in the pic?? It was hard to pay attention cuz it was so distracting!!

Both of these pics are of the last session with Elder Ballard. He did a fantastic job! Remind me later to tell you a story that he told that we all loved!!

One more story.. We got to go to the Manti Temple a couple weeks ago to celebrate Justin's cousin Calvin's wedding!

It was a beautiful day and we are so happy for them!!

The best part was to see family that we haven't seen in a REALLY long time. They live in PA and it's definitely too far away. I vote they all move out here!! 

Justin and his Aunt Leslie. She's beautiful!

Us in front of the temple!

Leslie and her brother Gene!

Leslie and Kendall! So cute. :)

Anyway, that's the LONG update for today. It's covering a couple weeks and took a little bit to write cuz I was out of town for a little bit in between so sorry if the time lines don't really match up. Mostly just wanted to share the stories and photos. :) Love you!


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