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5 long and beautiful days

I'm pretty much gonna pick up this post where I left off on the last one that talked about Baby Ty's delivery so if you're missing some context, go back there!

The next four days (2 for natural delivery but 4 for c section!) were spent in the hospital in room 101. We got transferred to the "c-section section" where there were nurses who specialized in taking care of ladies like me. Fortunately that meant we got a huge double room all to ourselves! It was clear that the room was meant to have 2 patients but they just weren't busy enough to need it. Justin got a bed all to himself so he got pretty good sleep. Obviously not great, but better than he would have had he been given a cot so he was happy. (It took till the last day to realize that it was an actual hospital bed ad that it would tilt up just like mine. haha.) We also both got our own huge TV's so Justin could watch sports center and I could watch whatever I wanted. ha. It was nice. 

The day after the delivery I still had my IV in and they had to transfuse 3 units of blood into my system. Apparently I lost a lot of blood in surgery so they had to give lots back to me. That meant I was stuck in the bed for at least that whole day.  Here comes a TMI... I have to say I never thought I would be grateful for a catheter but I kinda was. haha. For the last 3 months I'd been getting out of bed every few hours to go to the bathroom and for the first night I didn't have to! haha. I know that's weird but I was oddly grateful.

Of course I have an orange minky blanket. Go cuse! ha

When it was finally done they took out the IV and the catheter and I got to get out of bed at last! It felt so nice to walk to the bathroom and I got to take a shower!! Woohoo!! I felt so clean! I blow dried my hair sitting in the bed and then went to sleep...

Mom took this pic of me trying to breastfeed. This was day 3 in the hospital after I got to get cleaned up and felt a little more normal. I was happy to have all the stuff that people recommended for my hospital bag, including my huge towel! They obviously had towels for us but they were tiny! I'm not exactly a small person and with my huge belly on top, I needed that towel. haha. I definitely recommend that to anyone else that's gonna spend any length of time in the hospital.

This is also me trying to feed him. With the help of the amazing nurses, he did pretty well the first couple days.

This is Heather and Tracy. They were awesome! I wish they could have stayed the whole time but unfortunately I got new nurses every night and every day. Lucky for me there wasn't a single nurse that wasn't amazing. Think about it... I was there for 5 whole days and I loved every one of my nurses. I think that's pretty awesome! Speaks volumes about how great Orem Community Hospital is. I 100% recommend that anyone that can deliver there choose to do so!

Baby Ty in his little bassinet. Look how precious!!

Flowers from the hubby. Thank you sweetie!!!

I think the next few pics were taken on Thursday.. But it might have been Friday. Either way, they are amazing. Justin didn't spend a whole ton of time with him in the hospital because I was trying to figure out how to be a mom and how to breastfeed and that kinda stuff so baby Ty was with me most the time. But the times that he did get to hold him were soooo precious and luckily my mom was there to capture one of those amazing moments. I can't tell you how much I love these pictures... 

I love this pic! I love how he's turning his hands like he's talking to baby Ty, which he was actually doing. haha. It's adorable. He thought it was weird to talk to baby while he was in my belly so Dad had lots to say once he came out. :)

This pic also shows how big the beds were. haha. It wasn't quite big enough for both of us but we made it work. We spent lots of time snuggling while we were there.

I have the greatest dad ever and he is the greatest grandpa in the world! 

Love this ^^ !!!

Oh breastfeeding.... haha. I said earlier that Ty did pretty well the first few days. This is mostly true. haha. (TMI WARNING!!!) I have been blessed with a very large chest for quite a while. And when they're full of milk it's even worse. haha. With the help of the nurses I was able to get poor baby Ty's tiny mouth to latch onto my nipple but it was a struggle. My breast was bigger than his head! After a couple of days, he started to get frustrated. It took a little longer than normal for my milk to come in and we were both having a hard time. He would latch on and suck and then come off and I couldn't get him to stay on and really help my milk actually come in. On Friday I finally started to pump to try to help my milk come in and it worked pretty well but in the mean time baby was bottle fed. And of course he got used to the easyness (not a word, I know) of the bottle. This wasn't good (I'll tell that story later) but at least he was being fed. I was able to put what I was pumping into a bottle and he loved it. So happy baby meant happy mommy. :)  

After Day 2 I was pretty tired... I was going on not much sleep the night before we went in.. plus a LONG day of labor and a tough c-section ... then a night of awake a bunch trying to feed baby every 2 hours... and then a long day of blood transfusion and trying to breastfeed... Dr. Judd came to visit and prescribed me an Ambien. haha. He told me to send the baby to the nursery and to SLEEP. So I obeyed. ha.  I finally got out of bed and showered. It felt AMAZING! But it was hard. ha. Justin was so sweet and stood outside the little shower in case I needed his help. He's the greatest. After that I sat in bed to blow dry my hair cuz I couldn't stand up long enough. I felt clean and dry and tired. :) It was REALLY hard but I sent baby Ty to the nursery and took the sleeping pill. I still had to get up a bunch to go to the bathroom and the Ambien didn't work quite as well as I would have liked but it did help at least a little. 

The next morning I actually straightened my hair and put my face on and even earings! haha. I felt pretty again. :D Then I held my baby all day. haha. It was wonderful. I was SO happy to see him again when they brought him back in the morning! 

Baby kisses!

 My favorite thing to do while we were in the hospital was to put him inside my gown and snuggle with him. He curled up on my chest and slept and I just loved it.  

Carter came to visit a few times and mom got this amazing picture of him. haha. LOVE this kid!!!

We actually had lots of fun visitors that week!

I took this ^^ on the last day we were there and No, I didn't pose his fingers like that. He did it all on his own. And he still does it all the time. haha. He loves his fingers by his face. But seriously folks... is there a more adorable baby face in the whole world? I think not! He's such a little sweetie. 

Baby Ty's going home outfit!! We left on Saturday at about 3:30. It actually felt nice to get up and get dressed and put on normal clothes and actual make up. haha. I wish I had taken a picture of all of us getting ready to go but it looks like we didn't. :(

We did, however, get a movie! haha. I don't know if this will work so if it doesn't, forgive me! It's also probably only cool to me and maybe my mom and mother-in-law but I'll post it anyway. haha. 

Baby Ty in the car!!!

And me! haha

Brody smelling Baby Ty for the first time. He has been the BEST puppy since then. SO glad he's been so easy. 

I want you to notice my MASSIVE calves and ankles that are GONE!!!!!!! haha. I can only look at this picture with any kind of happiness because my ankles have since returned to their former glory and size 6 1/2 heels. YAY! I have to post tho cuz I really do love everything else about this pic. Finally at home with my baby and my puppy. :)

Laying in his crib!!

Sneak peek at the nursery! It doesn't look that clean anymore. haha. I'll write a blog with good pics later. :)

These were probably the longest 5 days of my whole life. It felt like an eternity but it was also the greatest and most rewarding week of my life. It's amazing to think that our baby is finally here and home and we're starting our life together. 


  1. It's so fun to read your story! Such a loved little fellow. Y'all are the best parents!


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