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Tyler's Quiet Book

First let me say that I think it's so weird to call my son Tyler. I know.. it's his name.. I'm a weirdo. It just seems that Baby Ty is much more fitting for his adorable baby face.

Anyway.. I'm not 100% sure where the idea came from but somehow I got it in my head that I wanted to make a quiet book for Ty. I started looking stuff up on Pinterest and found that sensory stuff is better for younger babies so I started writing stuff down that I liked. Then I made a whole plan so that I knew everything I needed and I went shopping! Where you ask? Hobby Lobby!! It's seriously my favorite store. I can spend way too much time there. 

 I brought all the stuff home and started sewing!! I sewed everything by hand till the very end when I sewed the pages together. 

I admit I didn't want to sew every single letter on but by the time I got to this page (which may have been the very end) I was already too far into the hand stitched look so I had to finish. Maybe you can't tell in these pictures but I think it turned out kinda awesome!!

Everything is made out of felt except the stuff that's obviously not. :)

This is my favorite page! I think the little monster is so stinkin cute. :D 

Ty's not quite old enough to open the zipper but I plan to make little food things for him to eat which I think will make it more fun for him. 

This is Ty's favorite page! He LOVES those little wooden buttons. (There are two more just like those in the other pocket.) He chews on them relentlessly! 

This was prolly the hardest page to make cuz the leather on there is thick! And cuz the little feet were kind of hard just cuz they are so little!!

This is Ty's second favorite page! He loves to chew on the beads. Shocker! ha. This was the first page I made and I was kinda proud of myself!

This one is for dad! GO SYRACUSE! haha.

Most of the pages came from ideas on the internet but I didn't print anyone else's patterns. Most of the shapes came from word clip art or google. 

Ty has already pulled off one of the feathers from this page. He likes it but not as much as I do. haha

This might be the next favorite page and he's already torn off some of the ribbons. I should have gone over them with a sewing machine to make sure they stayed but I didn't. Next time I make something with ribbons I will know better!!

And this is the boring back. I know, super exciting. 

I put it all together with grommets that were hard to work with at first but when I actually followed the instructions they weren't so bad. haha. The worst part was trying to sew all the pages together. I should have sewed them before I did the grommets! Oh well.  

The great thing about the grommets and rings is that I can make more pages as he gets older and more dexterous. It took me about a million years to make this, so I'm not jumping the gun to make more pages but I only have to do two at a time so that's the plan!

Anyway, you like??


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