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11:11 used to be my lucky number

That's a weird title for this blog except for the fact that my little baby is 11 months old! It's true tho, there was a time in my life when every time I saw the clock say it was 11:11 I would freak out. Enough about my weird quirkiness and onto this adorable little boy who is now 11 months old. Yes, that's only 1 month away from being 1 year old! AAHH!

Holy beautiful face! He makes this face all the time and it makes my heart almost burst out of my chest! 

This one is my son about to disappear under the bed. It's becoming a regular occurrence. If I ever can't find him I first look by the dog food (he goes there so much you'd think he wasn't being fed other food!) OR he's under the bed. Or in my bathroom emptying out the cabinets. 

Speaking of the mischievous little stinker.. the pics below are of some of his shenanigans. 

He's discovered my scarf drawer and thinks it looks better when it's empty. And then he found the drawer above it and tried to climb up into it. He didn't succeed this time but it's only a matter of time!

And the bathroom is a now another of his favorite places. I have to put the stool down in front of the cabinets to make sure he doesn't empty those as well but then he climbs in an out of it and gets himself stuck. Also, he found the very fun contraption know as the toilet paper roll. It's this really cool thing that keeps going and going if you keep pulling and pulling. 

If you can't tell, he has discovered how to climb onto the table next to the couches. He got all the way to the windowsill and the peanuts!! We had to throw them away even tho Jed loves to eat them so much. (Jed is the bishop and he comes over to watch basketball games with Justin all the time. Sorry Jed!) 

The other pic is of my baby in the ER!!! Holy camole... The little stinker got a hold of a bottle of benadryl and may or may not have eaten some. I found him with one pill in his mouth and a couple on the ground. I had accidently left in on the ground the night before and was pretty sure I had closed it but apprently not. I had a moment of freaking out and then I called poison control. They said that it wasn't likely he actually swallowed any but if he did get more than 2 I needed to go to the ER. So I did. Basically we sat there for 3 hours waiting for real symptoms to appear and they never really did. He had about 30 minutes where he was acting really really strange and hyper and sleepy at the same time but it didn't last long. He was up almost all day and didn't go to sleep till about 11:30. The doc decided that either he didn't get any and it was the weird surroundings that made him all weird.. OR he maybe got one which is too much for a little baby but not an emergency.. OR he got lots but the active ingredients actually expired in 2008 so there wasn't much left. SO... that was super fun. Won't make that mistake again!

Back to the shenanigans.. The kitchen will forever be a disaster because he knows how to open all the cupboards and drawers and pull everything out. I've almost given up cleaning it up. 

And my baby won't sit in the cart like a normal child. 

These pics make my heart almost as happy as the little smile he gets when he's playing with his dad. I'm pretty sure there's a section like this in all my posts about Ty cuz these two play together all the time and it's adorable. They love to cuddle and take naps together and they're always playing and having fun. It's amazing. 

This is an awesome shot of him in the stroller while I was running. I promise I didn't put him in that position. He's such a weirdo!

Tyler Craig Smith - Mug shot. ;)
Actually passport photos. Why can't they ever be good pictures?! He sat there for literally one second and the 12 year old (not really) at walgreens wouldn't wait half a second for me to get him to look at the camera and smile! He just used the first shot he took of him. Oh well. I guess it's ok cuz everyone's passport photo is bad. And is there ever really a bad picture of Ty?!

The answer to my previous question is yes. And it is below. hahaha. We went to my sister-from-another-mister's wedding a couple weeks ago and there was a very cute photo op on some bails of hay and we totally failed. hahaha. Oh well. He really is actually still cute! Maybe only to me in this particular photo but that's ok. :) He did get some good cuddle time with Auntie Kelly and that's what really matters. 

Ok guys. HUGE NEWS! This little boy now takes a bottle!!!! It's been a big deal in this house for a while cuz Justin could never watch him for more than a few hours cuz he needed to eat and wouldn't take a bottle. So one day I decided I would just try it and he took it without a single complaint. (this is me making that face that looks very annoyed that I didn't try this sooner...) I've now forgiven myself and he takes a bottle all the time! We've actually cut the breast feeding to only in the morning and at night. It's a little sad cuz I love nursing him. But it's also a little awesome cuz I got to go to girls night without him and hang out with my girlfriends for way longer than I should have. 

This is a sad photo but it makes me smile. I love him. haha

There's my happy boy!

Just kidding. hahaha. He likes bubbles but I guess not so much when there all over his mouth. Don't worry, it's tear free soap but that doesn't mean it tastes good! ha. 

I think you already know that he can now climb on the couch. But what you don't know is that it's now another favorite hang out. He climbs up and goes back and forth from one side to the other and plays and plays. He was getting off face first for a long time but in the last couple days he's learned how to go feet first!!! It's so cute and so exciting! 

Remember when I said that the bishop likes to come over to watch basketball with Justin? Well.. this is his adorable little girl Sammy who LOVES Ty. Actually all of Jed and Nyla's kida love Ty. It's really sweet. 

My snuggle bum. **Heart Eyes**

The park is one of our favorite places now! He loves to crawl around in the grass and chew on whatever he finds. :D

k.. none of these pictures are very good, but I had to post them so I could remember this really awesome and sweet moment we had. It was later at night and he was just about ready for bed. He's always really laughy at this hour but this was a particularly fun moment. We sat together on the couch and he played with my face and stuck his fingers in my mouth and I tickled him and we laughed and laughed and laughed. It was so much fun. I had a bit of a moment thinking about how he was only gonna be this little for so long and I needed to enjoy all the moments I have with him. Being a mom is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me and I couldn't be more happy with this literal bundle of joy that I get to spend all my time with. I'm the luckiest woman in the world and I have the most incredible and sweet son. I have a son! He's mine and he's the best. Ever. :)

We got to go to the aquarium with Aunt Kristi and her family! They were in town from California so we got to hang out and it was so fun. Ty LOVED the Aquarium!!! Seriously. He loved to stand on the side of the tanks and look at the stuff inside. It was so fun to watch him. He'd look at it, then look at me and then back at the cool fish. So so fun.

 And we found a cool frog in the South America section. FUN!

 These fish were massive!!! They would have eaten Ty in one bite. 

I actually think there is a great lesson to be learned here. He looked at everything with such awe and wonder and it's sad that we, as adults, don't really do that anymore. Maybe we do at some things but there is beauty all around us and we need appreciate that! Heavenly Father created a beautiful world for us and we should take a chapter from Ty's book and be in awe of his handy work a little more often. Cuz it's awesome. 

So.. for the longest time we had to come up with random contraptions to cover the bottom stairs. He was SO good at climbing them and wanted to do it all the time. BUT he coudln't come down yet. So we put chairs and tables and blankets and anything else we needed to MacGyver the opening of the stairs! We finally caved and got a gate! It was a pain to put together but it's been awesome ever since. Ty clearly doesn't love it much. It's kind of prison like... but it's much better than the alternative. 

Also can we talk about those shorts... hahahahahaha. They are from Aunt Katie and clearly a little big on him but I couldn't help it! ***HEART EYES***

This is a little off topic but... doesn't everyone chase their dog around with a vaccuum and accidently run into the wall and take a huge chunk out of it...?
Oh they don't...? My bad... (insert huge cheesy and totally guilty smiley face here. :D)

These are very random photos but so so cute. I love him. He usually takes hats off his head immediately but this time he had something in either hand and he absolutely couldn't let them go to remove the hat. So we got an awesome picture out of it. YES!

 Jon turned 30 this month and Katie graduated from high school so we all went skydiving to celebrate!!! Seriously one of the coolest things I've ever done. If you haven't gone, GO! It's not that scary... That's a lie. It's very scary. but it's ok cuz you have someone strapped to you that forces you to jump out so you can't chicken out. It's like the longest most awesomest roller coast ride you've ever been on. 

And of course my amazing mother was there (yes she jumped and she wants to go again! Coolest mom ever!) and she got some awesome pics of Justin and me with our amazing baby. Thanks mom. You're awesome. 




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