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13 is a lucky number, right?!

13 months! Holy Hannah. 

This month wasn't super exciting. Just lots of  fun outings and Ty Ty being his cute adorable self. 
(We did go to Cabo this month but that gets it's own post!) 

This little boy climbs and climbs everywhere he goes! He in constantly climbing on the couch and  into the window sill. He gets himself stuck there all the time!!

Payton and Ty are best friends. :) They get into LOTS of mischief when they're left alone. 
There also love to hit each other. It's not a massive problem yet, but I can see it becoming one rather quickly!

We finally got him a high chair! We weren't being very good parents by not letting him really discover his food, so we repented and got one! Now we try to feed him lots and let him feed himself. I admit, most of it goes on the floor/in his hair. But it's good for him! And he's starting to like to eat lots of different things. 

Lots of new foods on his own means he gets a bath quite often!

He actually loves the bath. He got some fun bath toys for his birthday and he can sit in there for forever! 

Umm.. yes. Baby bums make me so happy! hahaha

I love Target carts cuz they're so easy to push around but the baby seats are kinda annoying! 
Way too big cuz baby can do whatever he wants in there!!! 

That is my son playing in a box in the yard. ha. Can we say ghetto?! Yup. Oh well. He loves the water so we make due. :)

We discovered a new favorite place of Ty's! The Museum of Curiosity!!!

Remember how I said he loves to climb? Yup! The museum was awesome. We love going there and climbing on everything!

Ty's favorite new thing is to read books! We have a basket (THANKS MOM!) in the living room with all his books in it and he'll run over there all day long and bring us a book. Then he crawls into your lap whether you're on the couch or the chair or the ground and wait for you to read it. Then he'll go get another one and do it till you make him stop. If he goes through the whole basket he'll ask you to read them again. It's a tiny bit exhausting but also the sweetest thing ever. I totally want him to be reading novels by the time he's two but you can only read Brown Bear Brown Bear so many times!!

Oh my heavens to betsy that face has my whole heart. He could SO walk all by himself but of course he chose not to. He didn't choose to actually start walking till we were in Cabo. (Remember, another post for that to come later!) That awesome fun toy he's holding on to is from his Auntie Ryanne. She lent it to us and he got a LOT of use out it! THANKS RY RY!

Our friend Evalee had a birthday this month and her party was at open gym at the gymnastics gym! It was so fun! The climber in him came out with a vengeance and he had a blast. 

Too bad his face says otherwise. Hahaha

Ty has a mean mommy who threw him in the block pit. Oops!

I also kept trying to make him walk on the beam. I know it's not very obvious, but I was a gymnast in my younger years and beam was my favorite! I wasn't super great at any of it, but I did love it and I still love to watch it and pretend like I know what I'm talking about.

I'm writing this post a couple month late (go me!) and I have to say I miss this bear crawl!! I also love this picture cuz of the adorable action it shows. Also, can you see his face?? His little lip biting?! OH I can't handle it!


This is from a wedding reception we went to. So many awesome things about this photo! 1- My hubby is seriously handsome. 2- My baby is adorable. 3- I love the relationship these two have. Ty really loves his daddy. They are amazing together. It makes life worth it. :)


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