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Nursery is finally here!!

Dude. Ty went to Nursery on Sunday. AAAHH!!! What the heck?! I can't believe  he's big enough for nursery!!! I've been in primary for the last year and it's been tough with Ty running around. (Although it's a pretty awesome calling for mom's with littles!) So I've been pretty excited for the last little while. The countdown started when it was about 10 weeks away but then I almost shed a little tear leaving him there! It was actually pretty funny. We left him there in the beginning and he cried a couple minutes later. So we brought him back in and stayed for a couple minutes and snuck out again. And then we spent the next 10 minutes staring through the peep holes in the doors. haha. One of the members of the bishopric walked passed us and told us to go to class cuz Ty was gonna be fine. hahaha. And he was! The whole time! I kept going back to check on him and he was playing and having fun. One of the ladies in there told me after that he was so sweet and played with the other kids and shared all his toys! YAY!!! I couldn't be happier. It's been tough to be at church when all I was doing was chasing him around and I feel like it's finally to where we can both enjoy church and get something out of it. Props to Nursery!!

Before he could go to nursery tho, he got to hang out with the sweet sunbeams in Primary. We always had to set an extra chair for him!!!

So.. confession. It's been a few months since I wrote a post. I've been busy!!! I'm Sorry!! I also have to say that I wrote a super long post that took me about 3 hours and it all got deleted. SO..... We're starting over from the beginning. The pic above is his super adorable "18 month" photo but from here on out, the pics are gonna be more in order of topics than chronological. But no biggie! Here goes nothin. :) (Remember this is my personal blog where I'll prolly give WAY more info than anyone ever cared about. )

Ty LOVE food!! Especially yogurt. He's gotten a lot better at it recently but when we first started, it was rough. Photo above is Exhibit A. And trust  me, there was more  on the walls than on his face. Now he's so adorable and uses his spoon and if there's ever a time he doesn't wanna eat dinner, we can always pull out the yogurt. There's not a whole lot else we know for sure that he'll eat... Except for popcorn and crackers. He also loves white rice. Oh my gosh, this kid is never gonna grow! Sometimes we can get him to eat whatever we're eating for dinner but it's a crap shoot. Hopefully he grows out of this!! He still loves milk and wants it all the time but we're trying to wean him off bottles. It's not going super well but we'll get there eventually!

Also note how he puts his little feet up on the tray. He does this every time. It's one of those silly quirks that I think is adorable. 

Cereal is also a no fail food for this little stinker. Unfortunately, it is often left within reach for this little climber and it's ended up on the floor a few times. It's ok tho cuz vacuums work great. :)

He also loves eating snow/ice. Like mother like son! :D

Also.. if Ty doesn't like it, he will give it to brody. In fact, these two are best friends right now. It's adorable!

I heart them!!!!

Because of his love for yogurt, he's also developed a love for the bath. :D He's so stinking cute.  

In case you were wondering, yes, he put those letter up there all by himself. ;)

Kristi, this one is for you. ;)

I think this is post bath. hahahahaha

As are these. **heart eyes**

Speaking of climbers who pour cereal everywhere... let me show you an example...

Yup. He climbed up on the counter and threw the chocolate chip pancakes on the floor!! 

I'm pretty sure this is a tantrum. Just don't ask me why he's having that tantrum while on the kitchen table. Your guess is as good as mine. Does it make me a bad parents that I let him do it and took a picture instead of  helping him get down?

Heard some pretty loud banks and came upstairs to find him dancing on the table...

Don't worry, his climbing isn't limited to taller things. Sometimes he tried to break the dresser drawers too. :D

It's one of his favorite things to climb on these little stools we have and jump on to the couch. 

Unfortunately his crazy shennanigans get him into places he doesn't always want to be. hahaha. The above photo is him in Palin's kennell (which is only a bad thing if you're his daddy who thinks this is gross, but it's kinda funny if you're him mommy who takes a picture and zooms in on that face he's making right there... hahahahaha)

The photo below is less happy for all of us but it was definitely a good time to take a photo. :D He got himself stuck in there, wiggled out, went right back behind the couch and got stuck again. And yes, he did it again. Several times. 

Crazy kid loves the shopping cart. It's near impossible to keep him in there!

One of my favorite pics! He LOVES helping mommy. hahaha. Don't worry, he's a great sweeper. :D

Scheels is one of Ty's favorite places! He loves it there. The ferris wheel, the huge fish tank; but I think his favorite place is the taxidermy mountain! He could (and does) walk around that thing for EVER! It's actually adorable cuz he's starting to learn what sounds they all make and he makes as he looks at them. SO CUTE! 

Bears are his favorite!!

Another of Tyler's recent facinations is with all things in the bathroom. I already talked about his love for the bath, but he also loves helping mommy put on her make up ^^ and when daddy does his hair!! 

We've tried pretty hard to make sure Tyler's been reading since the beginning. Everyone said to read to them even when you think they don't understand. So we did! I can't say I was perfect at the beginning cuz it was tough when I really didn't get any kind of reaction from him. But we kept plugging and I think it's finally paying off! He LOVES books. Seriously so much. If you're anywhere near a book, he will bring it to you and ask you to read it!

Daddy reads me books...

Kelly reads me books...

Auntie Nyla reads me books...

Uncle Jed reads me book...

Grandpa reads me books... 

Grandma reads me books...

Grandma and Grandpa read me books together...

I read books to myself at the library...

Sometimes I tear the pages out of the books but it's ok cuz mommy can tape it back together... :)

I am SO SPOILED with books!!

I love books! 

Not sure what was happening here I just love this pic. He's such a beautiful baby. 

This one is also super random but I love it. He dropped a toy into this huge bowl thing my parents have on their fireplace and he went to look for it when my Mom snatched this adorable photo. Holy camole I love it.  

These photos are from Aaron's first birthday party. We walked in and Carter came running over and gave Ty a hug!!

ALL the heart eyes in the world!!!!!!

This moment wasn't so happy for us. He grabbed a picture from the desk and pulled it down on top of himself and cut his mouth/nose. Sad day!!!!!! Poor thing still has a little scar there. Hopefully it goes away soon!

Holy Hannah I love these babies!!!!!

Before Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch kind of place and got to do hay mazes and ride on trains and pet animals and ride on horses! He had SO much fun!

Thanks AGAIN! to my beautiful mother for most of these amazing pictures!

There was a super fun petting zoo at one of them and Ty got to run around and chase the animals.  

These first few pics are deceiving cuz he wasn't as interested in the goats as I wanted him to be.

Most the time he was looking for huge mud rocks to throw...

Or chasing chickens...

Or searching for the pigs!

This is one of the little carts for the "train" they had. It was really just some carts pulled by a tractor but he didn't care!

He also had fun in the corn pit! Seriously. That thing was gross but those kids had so much fun. He did NOT wanna get out when it was time to go. 

Oh how I love this picture of us on the horse ride. So SO SO sweet!!!

This pic is from cornbelly's, a different pumpkin patch at thanksgiving point but we got to go with the whole family! YAY!

Those eyes just KILL me!!!!


Iron man!!! hahahahahaha. I love him!!

 He didn't wear the costume the whole time but he LOVED trick or treating!! Seriously. It was adorbale. He'd go up to the door and stand and wait (for maybe 3 seconds, this kid doesn't have  much patience!) and when they'd open the door he'd just reach for the candy and start unloading their bowl into his bag. haha. Fortunately he was cute enough that they let him. We got WAY more candy than we needed!

It was certainly a family affair this year! We didn't do a matching costume this year cuz I had to work and couldn't do pepper pots in scrubs. So instead I painted my face like a deer and Justin went as a Syracuse fan! haha. 

Haloween PJ's! :D

Auntie Kelly went as a Braves fan/player so Ty decided to hold on to the ball for her. :D


This was taken by some friend's of ours that babysat Ty during a church thing Justin and I had to go to. They are his favorite family!! Seriously, they're one of few who we can trust with him and they are the greatest!

Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl!!!! Daddy had so much fun, and so did Ty Ty in the snow! If you didn't know already, Ty loves the snow. :)

This was taken Thanksgving afternoon. He was getting a little crazy and even decided to dump daddy's food all over his lap! So he passed out pretty good in the bed upstairs. I kept checking on him but he wasn't moving at all. He can get off the bed by himself but sometimes he's not very good at it so I was a little worried about him. One time I went to check on him and found him like this! He was totally passed out!! He must have tried to get off the bed and fell asleep trying. hahahaha.

Some Pre-Christmas family fun! The above is Tyler's first real movie! It was "The Secret Life of Pets." He sat and ate popcorn for most of it and was so intrigued by the whole thing. 

The pic below is the next movie we tried to take him to. Not so easy this time!!

Ty's first basketball game!!!! BYU pretty much destroyed whoever they played (I don't remember who it was..) And it was a lot of fun. Ty basically just played on the stair and ate popcorn and cotton candy. Can't get much better than that!

This was at a tumble gym we went to as a family. I didn't take a ton of pics cuz I was busy playing with my little dude but needless to say he loved it. :)

OMG these babies love their Grandpa!!!!

These are from different times and I'm not sure what they're from but I will say it again. These babies LOVE THEIR GRANDPA!!!

Jared and Kelly MIGHT be the favorite Aunt and Uncle. But don't tell anyone!

This is one of my FAV pics in the WHOLE WORLD! It's my phone's background right now. :) He was playing on Rush's little plane and he just laughed and laughed and laughed. SO sweet and fun to watch. 

I saw this monster guy at Costco and couldn't help but put it in the cart with Ty. He basically rode like this the whole time we were in the store. Justin just about murdered me when I brought it in the house but once he saw this pic and now how he loves "Rexy" he had to forgive me. :)

Playing with Sammy. :)

Auntie Kristi took him to the park with her friend's dog. :)

If I fits, I sits. :)

Daddy has oficially become Tyler's favorite of the two of us. They are SO darling together. Heart officially melted. The above photo is of them playing.. Every time we lift the little stinker in the air he wraps his feet around our arms and leans his head back. I had never seen it before when we took this and Justin was trying to show me. Sure enough, EVERY TIME!!! And he still does this. 

#duckface ;)

Ty's first snowmobiling trip!!

I am so lucky to have such amazing parents that took the whole family up the mirror lake hwy just outside of Evanston,WY to go snowmobiling! I'd been up there once before but this time we had a cabin and lots of yummy food, and TY!

Grandma and Grandpa stayed home with him for a little bit so mom and dad could go out and have  a little fun on the snowmobiles. We had a blast! 

Gma couldn't find Ty's snow stuff so she borrowed stuff from the other babies and he ended up like this. hahaha. SO CUTE!

After a nap, we put Ty's real snow clothes on and went to PLAY! He had a blast. So So cute to watch him. Of course, he didn't do anything before he had a mouthful of snow! Little stinker... Like mother like son!!

Gma and Gpa rented a big snow razor type thing and the babies got to ride in it!! Ty loved it! Sitting like a big boy in the front seat!

He preferred to ride in the way back! ha. Jk. He played in there but daddy would freak out if I let him ride in there for real?!

I know his eyes are closed in this pic but I can't help but love it cuz of his outfit! OMG he was so darling in his little while onsie and snow bib on top! He looks so grown up!

I actually took the above photo right after we put up the tree just before Thanksgiving. I love it SO much. It reminds me of how magical Christmas can/should be. Having Ty for Christmas made it so wonderful and perfect, I couldn't have planned it better if I tried. 

All the babies in their Christmas best!!

Seriously. This year Christmas was just amazing. A few days before, we hired a Santa to come to the house to bring the kids some toys! It was so fun. Ty didn't super love him tho. hahahaha

We tried to get Ty to sit on Santa's lap but he was NOT having it. haha

So we tried to put me on his lap while I held him. Also not very successful. hahahahaha

We settled with opening the present on the ground. It was a tool set! It is now his favorite toy!

Christmas eve we tried to do a little nativity. The kids had so much fun getting dressed up! Ty was supposed to be a shepherd and Aaron was baby Jesus, but Ty wanted to sit in the manger so we had two baby Jesus'. hahaha

Christmas Morning was so so so great. We usually get together with the whole family to do it together, but it was on Sunday this year and we all had church at different times, so we decided to do our own things in the morning and get together later for dinner. So that's what we did! Ours was at 1, so we had all morning. We ate yummy omelets for breakfast and then went to open presents together. Ty was excited! 

Every present he opened he wanted to just sit and play with it the whole time. We kept having to remind him that there were more presents!

Ty's big present this year is his strider bike! He LOVES it!! He's barely not tall enough for it but he's trying! haha. He doesn't love to get on it like you're supposed to yet but he likes to walk next to it! ha. In the first minute that he had it he walked it over to the door and it fell over on top of him. The first of many wrecks I'm sure!

Ty with all his presents! 

And daddy with his. :)

Mommy got a beautiful watch that daddy sneakily bought. He should be in trouble for being sneaky but it's so amazing that he was readily forgiven. :D

This is Ty painting that picture for Daddy. :D

The passed few weeks have been amazing and fun. This kid is a goofball and loves to laugh and do silly things. He's also very mischievous and likes to get into trouble!!

The climbing doesn't end!!

There's a fun new playground at University Mall and he's loved playing there recently!

Playing with one of his toys from Gma Cathy from Christmas!

Chances are HIGH there was basketball on the tv if he was watching like this. haha. He loves it!

And this is the face I love so much! He is seriously amazing and we are in awe of him every day!!! 
Happy 18 months TYLER CRAIG!


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