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Almost 2!!

I can not believe my baby is almost 2!!! His birthday is coming up SO soon and I can't wait to throw a nice big birthday party. BUT I have lots of awesome cute pics of Ty to share that have come over the past couple months.

 (I recognize that this is being posted on July 23 and he is already 2 at this point... I started this a few weeks ago and am just finishing, so I'm not gonna change it! Official 2 year old post coming soon! Hopefully before he turns 3. ;)

These are all from our recent trip to St George. Grandpa rented a fun house that sits on a golf course at Entrada, kinda over by Tuacahn if that means anything to you. It's actually beautiful and has a little waterfall in the back and a little putting green and the kids have so much fun!

Ty LOVED feeding the ducks. He would have done it all day if we let him. 

And it's no surprise that he loved the put put green. 

If we ever needed to find the babies, it was the first place we'd look. 

Speaking of these two, They are pretty inseparable right now. Ty wakes up every morning and says "Pey pey Rush!!" And everytime we get in the car, or put on shoes, or mention anything about them... 

At the all together playground in Orem. It's our favorite place! There are so many fun things. I'm pretty sure I've posted pics of it before, but we don't get to go with Peypey very often. They would not leave each other alone!

Some fun painting at Peypey's house!

Pey came over to hang out and had to go poo but she didn't want to go by herself, so we all went with her. hahaha. The very next selfie we took had a very stern look by peyton cuz she was pushing as hard as she could. hahahahaha

Pretty sure Ty is kissing her right there. His first kiss!!!!!!

He likes to hug her.... A LOT!

Mac n cheese on the tramp. Obviously the better choice over the table. 

Playing on the stairs!

First movie that he ALMOST watched. haha. We went to see Cars 2 with peypey rush and as long as he had popcorn, he was sitting still. The rest of the time he was running around the theater, hopefully not disturbing people. Usually I try to keep him under control but since it was Cars, and there were only a few people in the theater and half of them were kids, I figured he could run if he wanted to. 

Kelly is definitely one of the favorite aunts. This was a pretty awesome moment actually cuz I had a bad day (don't remember why, just remember feeling exhausted) and Kelly and Jared came over and she played with him for a LONG time. I am SOO grateful to have so many people who love Ty almost as much as I do and can step in and play with him when I'm not up for it. :)

Another moment with Aunt Kelly, helping carry the groceries out of the store. :)

This was at Peyton's 2nd birthday party! It was at a park by their house and there was a fenced in back yard with a bunch of baby goats! SO adorable!!

Also at the birthday party. Ty was showing Kelly how to throw the football. I see a quarterback in our future!!!

I know I've shared pics of Ty and his shoes before. It's a never ending saga with him wearing our shoes! It's also the most adorable thing every. The first thing that comes out of his mouth is always "ORS!!!!" which of course means "shoes."

OMG I heart that face. 

Came around the corner at Gma and Gpa's house to find Ty like this. hahahaha. I'm a terrible mother. I definitely snapped a pic before going to help him! Fortunately he got himself out of it before I even got there. 

I snuck a pic of him sleeping at Gma's house. He sleeps in his big boy bed at home but at Gma's we're still in the playpen. The best thing about that is that he can just get himself out when he's awake. The bad thing is that if he doesn't want to sleep I can't make him stay in the room! haha

These are from a hike we went on at Grandma's house on Memorial day! We borrowed a carrier for Ty but you can imagine how much he actually wanted to be in it. Yup! never. haha. Actually he was ok at the beginning but once we took him out and let him walk he didn't want to get back in!

Not sure why I snapped this but it makes my heart happy. I love these two with ALL MY HEART!!

Ty went to play at grandma's house and she had him lay on this cardboard and she traced him. He wasn't sure about it at first but after a little bit, he wouldn't put it down. :)

These are when mommy was a creeper and snapped pics of Ty while he was watching a movie. He LOVES to watch movies and is starting to really understand what's going on, so he makes lots of different faces and cheers when they're excited and gets very concerned when something bad happens. 

Right now he loves Nana (Moana), Nani (Lion King), Gacar (Madagascar) and Dory (Finding Dory.)

One of my favorite things that he does is when he's watching Moana. He loves Maui and cheers for him all the time. But the best part is when Moana is just barely out on her adventure and she discovers Heyhey. He comes out of the box in the boat and realizes he's out in the middle of the ocean with no where to go and he screams really loud. Every time heyhey screams, so does Ty. Like at the top of his lungs. hahahahahahaha

These are all from Orem Summerfest! Justin was at youth conference I think, so it was just me and Ty! We of course had to go with Peypey Rush, and he loved it. You can't tell from most of the pics, cuz he refuses to smile if he can see the camera, but he kept asking to go back, so I assume he really did have a good time. haha

The Bee ride!!

I swear he really did love this ride. He was excited! I don't know why he made this face. hahahahaha

At least Peyton smiles!!!

Walking back to the car!!

This has nothing to do with Ty, I just couldn't not share it. Peyton came running out of the bathroom, grabbed her gun and started shooting at all of us. hahahahaha

Late night Nani! Daddy doesn't ever let him watch movies during the day but mommy loves it, so sometimes we do. :D

Little heart to heart with daddy. :)

Ty is so cute at church! He always says Amen and gets excited and yells for bread and water. :S

Pretty sure that look is saying "If I open my eyes this big then she won't notice that my hand is in my milk..."

I always knew he was watching me but it wasn't till recently that he really started copying everything I did. I thought it was so funny when he grabbed my tweezers and mirror!


Shopping at Deseret Book!

Watching a movie waiting for mommy to finish getting ready!

Ty got sick this last month and didn't want to let me go. I wasn't complaining. 

Daddy fell asleep putting Ty down for a nap. **heart eyes**

Silence is golden, except when there's a 2 year old in the house... 

Ty loves span chat SO much. hahahahahaha. The only time I can get him to smile for the camera.

My helpful little boy! I gave him all those dishes and that's how he put them in. He always wants to do whatever I'm doing, so I'm trying to let him do things that scare me a little. He hasn't broken a plate yet but I'm sure it's coming soon. haha

This pic actually kinds breaks my heart. He was laying on the bed while I was getting ready for work and he got up and asked me to pick him up. He usually just climbs off and comes to me, but not this time. 

If anything, it's a reminder that he's still my little boy and hopefully he'll stay that way for at least a little bit longer. 


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