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Ty Turns 2!!

OMG He's 2. Where did the time go?!?!?!?!?!

I gotta say, he's prolly the best little toddler in the whole world. I can't believe he's mine and I thank Heaven every day for him and his sweet sweet spirit. So, let me show you a little of the last couple months I've had with this little stinker!

Ty got some golf clubs for his birthday and he LOVES them! He and daddy take them to the park and he lines them up and hits them like crazy. SO CUTE!

Basically Ty loves the park!!!

This next one is super random.. we were at scheel's looking for bike gloves for daddy so of course Ty had to ride a bike too, so mommy found him a helmet. MELT MY HEART!!!! hahahahaha. So so amazing. 

These were taken the day before his birthday! This little boy loves dirt and rocks so much, I swear if we could take out all the mud he's swallowed he would loose a few pounds. Which would be bad cuz he still only weights 27 pounds at his last check up. Holy cow this kid is little!!

Ty LOVES to play catch! He has a couple baseball bats and LOTS of balls so he asks to play all the time. Luckily it's one of daddy's favorite games!

Does that face not just make you die! Holy hannah he's my fave. 

This one too. 

These are all from Ty's birthday! One of our favorite ladies on the street named Lois Jean brought him some balloons! If his face didn't give it away, he loves them. :D

Birthday breakfast with daddy!

This little one loves bacon A LOT! He calls it "meat." We're not sure why but he would eat it every day if we let him. I'm not positive but chances are low that he ate anything else on that plate other than the bacon. haha

This one is from dinner on his birthday. We went to chili's! I know it's not the most exciting place but fancy restaurants aren't really his  scene. So chili's it was! He was getting a little restless at the end tho so we put on a little movie on for him. PERFECT! hahaha. 

This little car mat was from his Uncle Jon and Aunt Zina! He plays with it all the time! It's seriously so cute to see him lining up the cars and rolling them around. He also lines up his dinosaurs and stuffed animals and just about anything he has more than one of. ha

This little xylophone is from his Grandma and Grandpa Smith! Hopefully this is the beginning of a long musical career!! ;)

If you know Tyler at all, you know he climbs and climbs on anything that can be climbed on! Lately, that includes the back of the stairs.. **face palm** He does it at our house too but there's only 4 stairs and it's over carpet, so if he falls he can't really get that hurt. SOOOO not the case here!! OMG. 

This slide was his other birthday present from Uncle Evan and Aunt Kristi! He really scored on the presents this year. hahaha. I know I've said "He plays with it all the time!" for everything in this post, and it's true. So basically I've told you all he does all day every day. Golf, throw balls, drive cars all around, play his xylophone and go every which way possible on his slide. 

This pic is from the first morning we put it together, but the next ones are all from this last month of all the crazy things he's done on it... 

Backwards on his butt...

He rarely uses the stairs... 


Down on his tummy... He also goes backwards on his back, head first but i don't have a pic of that from this month. I assure you it will  be in another month's blog post. :)

These pics are from a fun little outing we did at the new University Mall. We went to play in the little play place they have and it turned out there was a little concert in the park kinda thing, so we hung out for a little while and chased little Ty Ty around. So fun! 

These are from Ty's little outing at the pool with PeyPey Rush! ha. That's what he calls them. He asks for Peyton and Rush EVERY DAY. It's usually the first thing he asks for in the morning. Bottle, mommy bed, pey pey rush. 

Holding hands with Weewee! Weewee means Aaron. We're not sure why.

Also, he loves Baby Jacob. He wants to hold him all day. If he's around, Ty wants to just sit with him, hence the photo.  

I don't remember why but there was a day I had to take Ty to work, so we went to my office and Ty watched a movie while I got some stuff done. I think he was pretty happy!

Riverwoods splash pad!! He loves the water!

He's finally figured out how to ride his bike and now he wants to ride it all the time!  I promise he's usually smiling when he's on it, not making this "mom put the camera down" face. ha

This was a little biking outing we did with dad! There's a cool mountain bike park down in Provo so we went to go see if Ty liked it. He didn't love the down hill part, but he loved hiking on it! And of course riding all over the flat parts. hahaha. 


I had a huge mother-brain-fart moment and really struggled to plan his party this year. People were gonna be gone, then we couldn't agree on where to do it, then I just couldn't decide what to do... Super lame excuses. But all's well that ends well, and we eventually figured it out! He loves water so much, so I planned a little splash party. :) We had a slip n slide, little pools with toys in them, corn-hole and LOTS of water balloons!! I don't think I have any pics of the balloons cuz once they were filled, it was all out war. They only lasted a few minutes! I'm pretty sure Kristi had several welts that looked like paintballs. ha. It was definitely a lot of fun in grandma and grandpa's back yard!! 

The slip n slide didn't work quite as well as I'd hoped... it actually didn't work at all. Maybe because of the supplies I used but I'm blaming it on the lack of an actual slope. Either way, we ended up using it a couple times and then gave up. ha. Ty still had fun a couple times with daddy pushing him!!

Corn hole is always a favorite when we're outside and Ty loves to help!

These two were really the only ones that like the little pools. haha. But that's ok, cuz that's what they were for!

I think I took this at Toy's R Us when I purchased the little pools. 

And this was at costco! He saw the big bear and had to snuggle it!

Did I mention that basketball was also a huge part of his day?? Ha. It is! I didn't even know I got this cool airborne shot till just now! hahaha. Go TY! 

Yup, he still loves my shoes!

And climbing in the closet under the sink. 

This last photo is one of my favorites ever. It's currently the background on my phone. :) One of the only times we can get Ty to smile at the camera is if there's a silly snap chat filter on. So I take lots! :) 

I wish there were words to describe how much I love this little boy. He is my whole world and everything I could have possibly imagined he could be.


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