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Halloween Murder Mystery Night

Confession... I think it's probably annoying for some of you to read these posts about Mutual activities we do. The reason I post about them is because most if not all of my ideas come from other posts that I've searched for. So while the things we do aren't that great, I still want to offer whatever inspiration I can for those to follow. So... 

We did another really great activity for the Young Women a couple weeks ago! haha. This one was a Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner and it turned out awesome!!! It was the brain child of one of my fabulous Laurels who participated in the same activity a couple years ago. Fortunately, she was the only one! So it was a perfect activity for the rest. And to top it all off, it was an LDS theme, so it was all perfectly appropriate. Yay! Here's a few pics. :)

This was the center of the table. Doesn't it look cool?! I should have take a closer pic of the candles. Those are actually rootbeer bottles that I spray painted. Then I took a dollar store candle and lit it several hours before the event. I ended up having to drip the wax on to the other candles to make them that drippy because it wasn't a great candle, but they turned out great! The black underneath is tulle and the "spider web" is actually cheese cloth. It's much easier to work with and doesn't get caught on stuff. :) The goblets belong to my mother. They are pewter and looked SO great with this table!! THANKS MOM!

Bigger view of the table...

This was in the front of the room. :) (Candle sticks are Mom's too. Thanks!!)

The sticks are being held in a vase with black and grey tulle making it all nice and fluffy. haha. The RIP sign and the skeleton were from last years trunk or treat ward thing. They added a nice touch!

These were the place settings. They had the first clue for the murder mystery and a prop for each person. This one was for the judge. We couldn't find a gavel (even on halloween?!) so I used a fancy neck scarf. I think it turned out even better!!

There's Chelsie at the front doing the intro speech!

I should have taken pics of more of the food but I really liked this last tray! The first course was a simple salad. The second was a choice of two crockpot soups that two leaders made and the last was a caramel apple bar! We sent around a bowl of apples and this tray so they could take a bit of what they wanted. It was their favorite part!

I haven't figured out how to attach a document or link to my blog yet.. (If you know how.. let me know!) So if you'd like to know the clues and how it all worked, send me an email to  It really was really cool!! 


  1. That looks so fun! Could I please get a copy? Thank you!

  2. That looks so fun! Could I please get a copy? Thank you!

  3. I would love a copy of the clues and the how about to put this on for our next combined YM/YW activity. mY email is


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