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It's a BOY!!

It's a BOY!!!!!

I am seriously in shock. Good shock, but shock none the less. It's a little ridiculous. But lets start from the beginning of this crazy little party cuz it's kinda a fun story to tell....

I don't think it's a super shocker to anyone that I'm kinda a dork.. and I like to throw parties.. and I prolly do way more than I should. haha. I'm also a super cheeser, so I've been wanting to do a gender reveal party since gender reveal parties existed. However, Justin is a little more private than I am so it took quite a bit of convincing. But because he loves me so much, he caved. So I started planning!! haha. I got every single idea off pinterest, so don't give me too much credit. ;)

We had our ultrasound scheduled for tuesday but the party wasn't till thursday, so we had the envelope with our destiny in it sitting in the drawer for a full two days. It took EVERYTHING we had to not open it!!! In fact, we almost did one day but Justin almost killed me. He said if we came this far, we were goin all the way. haha.

At first we were going to find out just the two of us together in the ultrasound but then we read everywhere that it's much more fun for everyone to find out together and see the couple's reaction. (This is really the part that needed convincing. haha) So I made the box in the pic above and then we took it to partyland and they opened the envelope with the ultrasound!!!

The girl who opened it was seriously SOO excited. She had to do it in front of us because we had to pay for the specific latex balloon she was gonna use. And her excitement totally made me think it was a girl! I guess it's a little cliche of me to think that of course girls would be more excited for baby girls, but boy was I wrong! (no pun intended! haha)  

So we made some banners and put balloons everywhere in the house. Of course, everything was blue and pink!

This chalkboard was made by the amazing Uncle Gene for his daughter's wedding and then they had nothing to do with is, so I kept it! And it was perfect! There were quite a few more guesses added after this pic was taken but it stayed heavily favoring TEAM PINK the whole time.  

And then we embarassed everyone and made them "wear their guess!" Those little ties and bows were clip art from word and they were hot glued onto clothes pins so people could put them on. 

Kelly and Kristi were some of the few on team blue. Justin was so proud. haha

Of course Justin was team blue and I was team pink all the way. I was SOO positive I was right. I kept saying all day that I would be soo shocked if it were a boy. And I sure was!

Kristi and Gma with their votes! Kristi won 20 minutes of back massage from her hubby for guess right! haha. 

This is the food table! We used super cheap dollar store stuff and the drapes are plastic table clothes. I think it looked kinda cool! The food was lots of fruit (cuz that's all this soon-to-be momma wants) and then a few salty things for the other folks. And of course my AMAZING mother made some cookie triffle thingys that are TO DIE for delicious. 

(She's also the photographer behind all these pics. Thank you AGAIN!!!!)

We even had the puppies vote!! haha. We assumed they would vote for their own gender. Go Brody!!

Me and Kelly. :D

Me and my awesome cousin Michal! She's seriously gorgeous and I love her!

The moment finally came! Justin is cutting the tape on the box here... 

I was seriously so nervous at this moment. I almost didn't want to open it!!

And there is the surprise written all over my face. haha. I couldn't believe it!

Relief and excitement were Justin's feelings for sure. He was SOOO happy!!!!!

I was happy too but a that moment it was definitely more surprise. 

And the after hug. haha. :)

And the after kiss. haha. There were lots more of both. Along with quite a few happy tears. :)

We had LOTS of people skypped in so they could see the big reveal. This is me saying hi to Josh and Genie and telling them how shocked I was. haha. I know I keep saying that but it's prolly the biggest emotion I felt that night. 

Proud papa!!

This is the reaction we had for Uncle Gene when he finally came home. He was supposed to make it on time but got caught up at work. Justin was excited to tell him cuz he's been staying with us for a little while and has been around for lots of stuff. It was a fun moment. :)


It was also fun to have Justin's mom Irene there at the party. She came into town and she was actually the reason we did it early. So glad she was here!!!

Look at those smiles!!!

We had the girl put the ultrasound pics in the bottom of the box so this is the first time we got to see them!!! They were so fun to look at! 

Here's his cute little profile!!!

It's a boy!!! haha. :)

I love my sisters!! We were so sad Zina wasn't there!!! :( 

Baby Boy!!!!

Look at my handsome hubby!! Love him!!


I still can't believe it's a boy but I am SOOO excited. We're not sure of the name yet, but I'll  let you know when we decide. Don't be surprised if it's not till he comes out. haha. I have always believed every little girl needs a big brother, so I always wanted a boy first. I can't tell you how awesome it's gonna be to watch Justin have a new best friend and to help him grow up to be just like him. 

And hopefully he'll also have Justin's big ears. ;)


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