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My Perfect Nursery!

Ok Pinterest peeps. I admit that I have been planning my nursery basically since Pinterest came out. One of the first boards I made was "My dream home" and there were nursery pics in there really soon! So I was SO excited when I finally got to decorate my own nursery. In fact, I insisted we get the house with the first floor nursery so I could have one and use it. Best decision I ever made. We had to compromise on the more open layout but it's been perfect. 

I admit I planned the girl nursery first! Haha. I remember when I was SO positive I was having a girl but it wasn't hard to switch and I can't imagine having anyone other than my perfect baby Ty. 

One thing is that I had to keep reminding Justin that the nursery was more for me than for baby Ty. ha. Yes he was sleeping in it but I was the one spending my time there and having to look at all the decor! So I made it look babyish but I didn't want a sports theme or a jungle theme. I just wanted the colors (navy blue and grey!) and it ended up turning out great. I love it. :) I'm super obsessed with different patterns, particularly the Moroccan Trellis Tile pattern that I found in the rug. I LOVE it!


Those black out curtains have been awesome! He's been sleeping in light and dark, so all you people thinking that they're not good and teach your kids to only sleep in the dark, don't you worry. :)

I stinkin love my rocking chair by the way. It's nothing fancy, just from target, but it's perfect and I love it. I also LOVE my chevron blanky on the back. haha. It's super soft and comfy for when I'm breastfeeding. :)

That little white thing by the changing table is a diaper genie. If you have a child in diapers, you better have one of these! I have smelt some pretty nasty nurseries and this fixes that problem 100%. It holds about a week's worth of diapers and keeps the smell completely at bay. It's totally awesome. :)

There's also an awesome cover on the changing pad. You can totally just wipe up whatever gets on it. Which is surprisingly a lot. haha. He's pooed on it a few times and spit up on it countless times. But wipes are amazing! Just clean it up!

This is the closet. I wanted it to look prettier but with the doors closed it's not that bad. haha. I got basically all the storage stuff at walmart and they're not perfect but they're functional. The best thing is that I have his burp rags (which are walmart cloth diapers - another thing you MUST have as a new mom) in those little boxes hanging on the door. Super easy and convenient to grab when I need one. 

This looks a little messy but it's ok. I have everything stored in there that I need. :) His clothes are in the drawers, semi organized by size and on the top are all the diapers and wipes and formula things that we got at our showers. This was taken the night before he came so it looks a little different now. haha. 

This changing table is the I have a bunch of books on one side where I can reach them from the chair... The middle has his fancy shmancy burp rags that I only bring to church (ha!) and his diaper rash cream which I fortunately have only used as a preventative measure. :) The last one is stocked with diapers! It used to have his lotion and wipes and stuff too but those have found a new home on the changing mat itself. Much closer to the action and easier to grab. 

Btw, It's shocking how often I have to refill the diaper square. 

This is actually one of my favorite parts of the room! I made those with painting canvases and fabric. I just wrapped it and hot glued it and then hung them up! Super easy. 

And there's that Morrocan Trellis Tile pattern again. LOVE!

This is the doorway where we hung the tree that Zina painted for us. Does it look familiar?! It was there at my baby showers and all the colorful little dots are your fingerprints! 

Thank you for giving me this priceless gift!

Justin went out and got these letters from hobby lobby while we were in the hospital and surprised me with them! We wanted to get them sooner but we didn't know his name till he actually joined us on this side of the veil. Justin actually went to two hobby lobbies to get all the letters. Greatest daddy in the whole world. 

So.. Do you love it as much as I do?!


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