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3 Whole months?! What?!


My baby is 3 months old?! Where did the time go?! I seriously can't believe it. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday and other days I just know Baby Ty was meant to come to my family since forever. He's amazing. So... without further adieu.. Baby Ty!

Justin's least favorite onsie and my favorite. haha. He's all about free hugs. 

 This was taken during general conference this month. While conference was amazing, it was very difficult to pay attention with this cute face in the way. 

I think I've said this already but Baby Ty is a champion breast`feeder. He just started sleeping in his nursery and so far it's going pretty well! This pic was taken during one of our later feedings of his adorable little feet in his nighty onsie! Is it not the cutest thing ever?? BTW, the orange minky is on my boppy and it's the greatest thing ever. So nice at night when mommy is super tired. :)

He also likes to hold my finger while he's eating and it's probably the most adorable thing ever. I love it. 

Baby Ty loves the bath! We had our first all nighter a few weeks ago and the bath certainly helped the fussiness! We went to the doc and he said there was no ear infection and it was prolly just gas. Phew! But it didn't change the fact that he wanted my to rock him all night. I watched 4 episodes of "Beat Bobby Flay" and was seriously tired the next day. ha. However, prior to this night, Ty didn't like to lay his head on my chest and now he does, which is amazing. :)

We've also started to get into a good bedtime routine. We sing primary songs in spanish while listening to Uncle Jon's piano music. It's not perfect but it works for us and he's starting to sleep through the night! Woohoo!!

I love this face! hahaha. This was taken at the Hill Air Force Base Museum. He had just figured out how to play with his toy that hangs from his car seat. He got his hand stuck in there!! 

Brookie came to visit and loved to lay with him on his play mat. haha

Don't you love that smile???

The next few pics were taken all in a row after his bath. I told you he loves it! He always gets so expressive and happy and cute when he's in his towel on the changing table. I'm so in love!

These were all taken at the same time (obviously) but baby takes lots of baths lately. He is the Blow out king!!! And he always does it when it's the least convenient for me! I guess a blow out isn't ever very convenient but church is prolly the worst place for it! He also blew out THREE times while we were at Zions National Park a couple weeks ago. Once on the bus, once on the trail itself and once just before we got in the car. And since then he's just done it again and again. I've tried the bigger diaper thing and the different brands but it seems there's nothing that can be done. Oh well! Clothes wash and I have latex-free exam gloves at home.  haha

Go this pillow on a cool new website for only $2.99! And it's so perfect cuz it's what I call him all the time!! My little dude!! 

Miss Elizabeth Cottle. :) We got to go up to her little sister's baptism and she held him a bunch! He's everyone's favorite!

Rushy loves baby Ty and I couldn't be happier. He is so sweet and tender with him and always wants to give him kisses. :)

Loving Tummy Time!! haha. He doesn't really but it's not so bad on the boppy. :)

Justin says he's starting into his alien phase. Alien-Schmalien. I think he's too cute for words!!!

Sweet sleeping baby. :)

Not sure what we were doing here but it may have been after reading his brown bear book. He stinkin loves it! 

Daddy playing with his son during conference. So so sweet. :)


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