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My little climber!

(This picture needs no caption.. But can you look at those eyes????? They're so perfect... Taken by grandma while we were shopping at Old Navy on mom's birthday. Can't believe we didn't buy the hat!!!) 

8 months! My baby is 8 months! He's almost been out as long as he was in. This has been an eventful month and I'm excited to tell you all about it. :)

Baby Ty LOVES his Daddy. It's my favorite thing ever. I love watching Justin be such a great dad. 

I think this was after/during a temper tantrum. haha. He does love sitting in his seat cuz he's starting to figure out that the seat means food so he gets excited. 

Hi Ty!!!

haha. This was at a girls night I went to with some awesome friends of mine. He was already crawling around all over but hadn't ventured up the stairs yet. I assured the ladies he'd be fine and then we look over and there he is! I went to take a pic and he totally waved at me. haha *heart eyes*

Now the stairs are a scary thing in the Smith household. He loves them! He can crawl all the way up them without help at all. This particular incident was the first time he ever did it at our house. I took this picture and tried to film him and then he decided to try to turn around and he rolled down a stair. haha. I caught him after just one stair but it was kinda funny. Justin didn't find out until I sent the video to my family. ha. Oops! It's hard to let him do stuff like that but I know it's the only way he'll learn.

... so many life lessons being a parent... 

Ty Ty loves to crawl around my room. His play pen is set up right just out of this picture will TONS of toys in it but he hates being in it. So instead he searched for old tags and dirty socks that get left on the floor. And he climbs up on the mirror and bed. That's my boy!

The weather is getting SO nice! It's so fun to go out for just a little bit and enjoy the fresh air. Ty loves to watch Brody run around. Lately I've just been letting him sit on the grass and he loves to grab it and of course put it in his mouth. haha. Can't say I'm surprised! 

Uncle Evan got a new office and bought a hundred million pieces of Ikea furniture so we went to help him put it together! I actually love putting that stuff together cuz I'm kinda good at it! I guess I like reading the instructions and putting it together. We did lots of tables and chairs and had so much fun! Ty got to crawl around the whole place and climb on all the boxes and chew on all the little tiny pieces that we lovingly call "chokies." Yay! 

hahahahahaha. I love this picture of Peyton!!! It was that same night looking through one of the Ikea chairs. hahaha. I love her!!

For those of you that don't know Peyton.. She's my sister's little girl that's 2 months older than Ty. And she's not always looking so silly. She's actually the sweetest, cutest, happiest, most wonderful little girl ever. 

This was taken at another late night assembling session at Evan's office. Love that face! 

Baby's favorite thing in the morning is to climb on mommy's face. haha. 

This is NOT a great picture of me but my sweet little boy was cuddling with me and I couldn't pass up the moment. The cuddle sessions are getting further and further apart so I'm trying to soak up every second when I can. I can't get enough of this sweetness. 

We're trying to teach Baby Ty to sleep in his crib and he's not loving it. He sleeps in there during naps but not so much at night. However... sneak peak to next month cuz it's already a week after his bday that i'm writing this... He finally slept in his bed all by himself all night long last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He cried a little here and there but was mostly good. ***TMI alert*** I woke up to ROCK HARD BOOBS but baby was happy to help when we woke up. haha

My little climber/crawler/stander!

This was taken in primary a couple weeks ago. (I'm in the Primary Presidency and I LOVE IT!) Ty's been putting his hand up like this a bunch lately and it's either him saying hi OR he's blessing us with his presence. (Thank you Brittany!! haha) I think it's the later! He does it whenever we walk into the room so it's possible he's just saying hi but let's be honest.. we all feel incredibly blessed to be with this little stinker so it's only natural that he would catch on. Or atleast that's my story and I'm stickin to it. :)

This face!

Baby now loves to eat cheerios and other delicious little things in the high chair. SO cute! 

Hangin out in the back yard with Brody! We were at mom and dad's while they were out of town so we did lots of stuff up there. I think this was actually the first time he ever sat in the grass! We were facetiming with daddy and he didn't love watching him put dirt in his mouth but I'm kinda all about the learning experiences. :D I know my friend's little boy has bugs and dirt in his regular diet so I'm not too worried about it. haha

Oops... Mommy let Ty Ty fall off the bed... We were cuddling and he woke up first and decided to face plant off the bed. The carpet gave his nose a little scratch. Poor thing!! He was fine but it was still sad. We cuddled a lot that day. 

Ty's play toy! He loves to climb all over it. He spends lots of time just playing with toys and crawling all over the place. He has a toy in his hand all the time and tries to climb up and crawl everywhere without putting the toy down. haha 

Baby's first time in the swing!!! It's this weather again! haha. He LOVED it!!

The many faces of my baby..! He's so darling and wonderful. 

I let him crawl on the play set a little. He wasn't super excited cuz it was a little hard but he still loved it. It was so fun to see him explore!

LOVE that face!

Went shopping with Kristi and Princess Pey and they shared the cart. hahahaha. I just love this so much. I hope they are best friends FOREVER!!!

"Hi Brody! Why are you outside when I'm in here?! This window tastes yummy by the way..."
"Mom... How come that baby is licking the window and trying to get out when I'm stuck out here...?!"

Baby's hair is epic! I know you can't really see it but it was the greatest. This was on my birthday and I insisted that we got to breakfast without fixing his hair!

Breakfast at kneaders! Who else loves granite as much as Baby Ty?

Thank you so much baby for ripping the Ensign! I haven't really baby proofed the house yet cuz I'm stubborn and I like it the way it is.. ha. It's not really dangerous for him, just dangerous for the magazines. Good thing they come on our phones too!!

Ty's new play mat!!!

Auntie Kelly has lots of fun rubber balls to play with and chew on. Also we love sleepers that are too big so we can step on them and make it hard to stand up. :D

Daddy ran a 10k!! He did awesome and we are so proud!!!

It was the Rex Lee Run at BYU!


Brookie and Carter LOVE Baby Ty-wer. haha. We were getting Katie ready for her senior prom and the little kiddos took care of the babies. They are so nice! ha

Apparently this was from far away cuz it's not very good quality. But I seriously love that face. :)

Baby didn't want to sleep in his bed that day so we snuggled. I think by the number of pictures of us cuddling you're not going to believe that we don't do this often. I promise we don't do it often, I just always take a picture cuz I don't want to forget one second of this little boys life. 

This sweetie loves the bath! It's still a little slippery but he loves to splash all over the place and get everything wet! Mom has to sit right next to the tub cuz he wants to climb up on the side and that makes it extra slippery-er. :D We try to keep the water level low so that when he tries to crawl in the bath he doesn't end up blowing bubbles. ha 



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