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Who told my son he could grow up?!

Seriously tho y'all.. Who told this little boy he was allowed to get so big?! He's 7 months and really almost 8 months! It's crazy that he just keeps getting bigger and bigger and doing more and more awesome things. He's the sweetest little boy you ever saw and we get compliments on him all the time. I was in Costco yesterday and some girl stopped me to tell me how cute he is. haha. 

That smile just kills me. 

This is Peyton. She's 7 weeks older than Ty and she is seriously so amazing. I mean, c'mon.. look at that face!!

We had all but one grandbaby at gma and gpa's house all at the same time so of course we got some pics! (All the previous pics are from that day if you couldn't tell.. ha.) Gma got some really great pics but this was my fav cuz of Ty's face! haha. I think he was just trying to sit up, or maybe he was falling down? Either way, he's stinkin cute. 

Btw... I know I've talked about my amazing mom and her photography but I will say it again. These pics are amazing and they totally came out of nowhere! I love that we get to document our lives in such an amazing way with such great pictures. We are SO lucky!!! I love you Mom!!

Katie got to sing at the UVU women's basketball game so we all went to watch. It was fun and she did a great job! Afterwards we hung around and Peyton and Ty got to play. Those two are so cute together!

Little crawler!

Our favorite thing lately is to face time with Auntie Ali! She's so much fun and we love her! It's such a bummer that Justin's family lives so far away but technology is awesome so we still get to see each other. 

Auntie Ali gave Ty "Where the Wild Things Are" for Christmas and he just loves to read it! She actually gave him a bunch of books and it's awesome. The pictures are so much fun!

Ty also got this Ducky for Christmas. It's the greatest thing ever cuz that ducky used to be Justin's. There's a picture (that I will find and post here soon...) of Justin dragging this very ducky behind him in the hospital when he was a baby. Justin had 7 surgeries before his second birthday and he took this ducky everywhere. In the picture I'm thinking of Justin is holding either his mom or dad's hand and dragging the ducky in the other and his colostomy bag is dragging behind him. It's seriously adorable. 

Rushy decided he wanted a Star Wars birthday party so we all got dressed up! Justin found a stormtrooper outfit at TJ Maxx, Kristi and I made some Jedi costumes and I made baby Ty a Yoda costume! It was actually really fun to make and it looked SO SO SO cute!

Our little Star Wars family!! :D

Kristi did such a great job with the party. I didn't post all the pictures here but she had so many clever plays on words for the food. It was so neat! This Yoda Soda was delicious!!! 

Kelly was Princess Leia! She looked so cute!

Kelly took Ty Ty out during sunday school a few weeks ago when we were all together for Aaron's blessing. She took this awesome cute pic of him while he was hangin out in the gym. Isn't he adorable!

This was taken on the day of Aaron's blessing too! All 6 of the grandbabies!! Aren't they so adorable? I know I'm biased but I'm pretty sure we have the cutest group of kids there ever were. 

This picture kills me. Justin is simply the greatest dad ever. He loves to read books to Ty and Ty clearly loves it. 

Ty LOVES to eat food! Not so much spoon fed stuff tho.. ha. He puts everything in his mouth but still doesn't love to be spoon fed baby food. It mostly just gets all over him, hence the picture. ha. Look at that smile tho! And those baby blues?! **heart eyes**

This little stinker finally started to climb on stuff and one of the first things was his crib! Yes, we lowered it down so he can't jump right out. 

Ty is playing with his quiet book! It's not always a quiet activity but it's fun that he plays with is. Especially since I spent so much time making it!

This was before he started climbing up on stuff, but he stayed up there for a while!! And OMG that face!!! It's my favorite thing in the whole world. I can't even handle it. Seriously tho... 


This one's pretty awesome too. Is it possible to love someone this much...?!

Ty Ty loves the mirror! And I love watching him look at himself! haha

Trying to climb the stairs!

We went to a cool valentine's date night thing with Kristi and Evan and Jon and Zina and these two didn't want to listen as much as they wanted to play with each other. So they did. :)

Ty thought that playing meant crawling on top of Peyton. Good thing she is a quick little scooter so she could get away from him fast!!

Ty bonked his head in church so we went to sit in the foyer. So he decided to climb in the side table and bonk his head again. Silly Boy. 

This was definitely the first time he picked his knees up and climbed into something! Proud mommy over here!!

One of his first climbs!! And currently the wallpaper on my phone. :) Obsessed with that face!

Let's play "Find Baby Ty" ... I'll give you a hint.. He gets lost under there more often than I care to admit. 

My little climber!!!

Introducing Ty's favorite chew toy. Meet my face. 

I don't think I'm the greatest writer in the world, but I do like to make things interesting. And I find myself using the word LOVE a LOT! So.. I looked in the thesaurus and there are actually very few viable synonyms for love. (Yes I really did that.) The thing is that I don't want to stop using the word Love cuz it very acurately portrays the way I feel about this little boy and his Daddy. There just isn't another word that sums it up that well. I've never felt such love in my whole life and it makes me very very happy. Every so often I just sit with them and think about how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I do. I really couldn't be more blessed. Our lives aren't perfect, but they're pretty close. I mean really.. look at that face!



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