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He's a stinker but he's mine!

I'm pretty sure I've used the name "stinker" when refering to my son far more often than his actual name. Justin seems to be calling him Tyler and I admit I've busted out the middle name a few times. This little boy has been growing so fast and there's nothing I can do about it! It's so bitter sweet.I love watching him grow and discover new things but it's getting harder and harder to keep things out of his reach!

He's 10 months old!!! Where did the time go?!

Ty Ty loves the bath! Mostly he loves to throw things out of bath and get the whole floor wet. Was it last month that he decided to face plant into the tub? I don't remember if I wrote about it or not. If so, sorry! But in case I didn't, he decided to drop something in the tub and then try to retrieve it by face planting. BIG goose egg! Poor baby. 

Ty LOVES playing with daddy. These two are like two peas in a pod. I love watching them together. I know I've said this before but I seriously fall in love with him all over again every time they are together. Which means I love him A LOT!!

 My sister in law Zina is AMAZING! She set up this amazing little painting activity for the kiddos. It was so much fun to watch them paint and get it all over themselves. 

Carter drew a dinosaur...

Rush drew a locomotive...

Brookie drew all of her hopes and dreams. We're still trying to interpret. 

These two got to play with a little of their own paint and it was so fun to watch. Mostly I had to keep putting Ty back on the sheet but I promise he loved it. 

It wouldn't be a baby activity unless a substantial portion went in the mouth. But no worries. It was non-toxic-all-natural-gluten-free paint. What kind of a mother do you think I am?

The picture he made is still on the fridge and it will stay there till he's at least 18 years old.

Then they ate watermelon! :D

All 6 grandbabies!!!

90% sure that's the piece of watermelon he stole from Peyton. Sorry baby!

I'm pretty sure Ty just wants everything that Peyton has. No matter what it is. And he's just bigger enough that he can take it. No worries. This won't last long. As soon as he's old enough to understand that she's a girl, his daddy will whip him into shape. haha

Ty LOVES to crawl around in the grass. I'm trying to not be the super paranoid hover mom but it's tough when he has a mouthful of grass. I guess it could be worse!

I heart them. :)

Daddy is trying very hard to make Ty love basketball. So far he's enjoyed watching the playoffs with him and it's fun to see them together!


We got to go to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival with Zina and it was SO fun! I didn't get a ton of good pics cuz Ty was in a bad mood most of the day. But this will work! 

The flowers were insanely beautiful. I've never seen anything like it.

It was also pretty windy so his hair was a little cray cray. Oh well! With a face like that you can have whatever hair you want!


Luckily Mom finally came and we got some good pics!! YAY!! Thank you Mom!!!

Like I said, Ty wasn't in the best mood but apparently Brookie was! haha. That girl just melts my heart. I'm SO glad we get to live close so we can spend so much time together. 

This little dude is SUPER into bear crawling right now. He can do the normal crawl but the bear version is faster. And he always does it when he's on the hard floor or when he needs to get over something. I seriously love it when I'm in the kitchen doing something and I start to hear his little hands and feet on the floor on their way to me! 
(Except when I'm putting dishes in the dishwasher cuz it's now his favorite thing to pull all the silverware out.)

I know this isn't Ty but I couldn't not post it. Ashley had her bridal shower and I seriously can't believe she's getting married! She's Katie (The blonde in the middle)'s best friend and I feel like they are both still 10 years old. 

Ty learned how to get behind the couch. hahaha. He actually couldn't get out so he cried while I took pictures. #parentingfail

This, on the other hand, is a total #parentingWIN. Lately he's been getting up at 6 ish and I bring him into our bed and feed him.. then he crawls around, puts his fingers in my nose, tries to gouge out my eyes and then falls asleep on my face. It's not the most comfortable way to sleep but I don't dare move him. I LOVE having him so close to me. He won't cuddle me as much as he used to so I will take any and all snuggles I can get. 

Sometimes it's particularly uncomfortable. haha. I swear he's asleep in this picture. 

Proof of how much he loves the dishwasher. It's his favorite game to crawl in and get to the silverware and then I take him back to the living room and he comes back to the silverware and I take him back to the living room and... you guess it... he comes right back! :| It's a little ridonculous but he's too cute to be upset with. I mean.. Look at him!!!

Ok.. This is embarassing. ha. If you read my post a few weeks ago about my triathlo you know the long and ridiculous story of me and my crazy fan status with the Iron Cowboy. We've met but there were lots of people so we didn't really get to have a convo. So.. I went to fitcon cuz I knew someone with a booth there (GO TREASURE CANYON!) and just on the other side of their booth was the Young Living Booth and they sponsor the Iron Cowboy! I went up to him and said hi and he remembered who I was and wanted to take a photo and send it to Casey, so he took out HIS phone and took a pic. I didn't want to be weird and ask for another one so I just asked Casey for it. The following was our convo...

I'm a little worried he actually thinks I'm a stalker!! If you're out there James, please know I'm just a fan and Casey is a weirdo. I'm pretty sure you knew that already tho. :)

Baby LOVES yogurt these days. Seriously. He eats a whole little cup of it every morning and gets very upset if mommy isn't paying attention while I'm feeding him. ha. He'll also eat a piece of zuchini bread or some cherios to go with it. He's a champ eater! He mostly wants anything mom is eating and everything else he can get his hands on. :)

This is the face I get after he eats his yogurt. He will frequently stick his fingers in his mouth and then grab his feet so after breakfast we almost always take a bath! Which you can tell from the first picture in this post that he loves the bath too!

This is after I finally got home from our April birthday dinner. He was watched by an amazing young woman from our ward, (THANK YOU ALYSSA!) so we could go to the temple and to Carrabas for dinner. One of maybe 2 times we've left Ty with anyone outside of the family! She is amazing and I'm so glad I have someone I can trust with him!

Ty's first baseball game!!! 

I heart him! He's eating tons of food lately but still isn't super great at stuff that requires teeth. Mostly cuz he doesn't have any yet. Seriously dude?! Why don't you have any teeth! Poor thing can't eat. ha. :(

This month was Mother's Day and it was the greatest day ever. I got spoiled to the max by my sweet hubby and got to hang out with my whole family. Being a mother is the greatest thing in the whole world and I'm so glad I get to experience it to the fullest. 


Actually a screen shot by Aunt Kelly from a video but seriously. I love him so much. 

This is Ty's mega seat where he likes to throw food. As soon as he's done eating he throws what's left on the ground. And if I put something on his tray that he doesn't like he swipes it off onto the ground/table/counter. It's a little frustrating and only a little cute cuz he makes this face. 

Sometimes he falls asleep on my face. Sometimes he crawls around and ends up like this. Next to Daddy. Snoring as loud as ever. *Heart eyes*

So I decided to do another Tri! This one was "Women of Steel" and it was really cool and really fun. This time it was a "real" tri in that they did the swim first. This was awesome cuz I did it quite a bit faster than my last swim even though it was only a lap shorter. BUT I had to do the run last which wasn't cool. haha. That's the hardest part for me so it was even worse after I biked 15 miles! haha. I ended slower than my last one but the bike was 3 miles longer and it was reversed/the way it's supposed to be, so I'm giving myself a break. This new time is the one I'm looking to beat next time. That time is 2:03:43. My next tri is gonna be the Triathamom in August so I have some training to do before then! 

At the finish line!

My cool medal for finishing! No, I didn't win. ha. Everyone got one. :)

You can faintly see the little tattoo tan on my arm! haha. We wore the tattoo as our number (You can see it in the pic below) and I clearly should have gone tanning before. haha. 

Definitely not the greatest pic that's ever been taken of me but that's ok! I finished and I'm proud of that. A huge thank you to Justin for doing so much to support me! I couldn't have done it without you!

Ty's new favorite game. Pulling everything out of the cabinets. Kill me. 

Ty loves Aunt Kristi's Zuchini bread which is what's all over the counter. I told you he's a messy eater!!

So so so so in love with that face. More than is possible to describe. Holy hannah. 

Till next month!


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