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Sleep is a beautiful thing!

Yup! You guessed it! Baby is FINALLY sleeping through the night!!! I think this is my favorite milestone yet. I'm a whole new woman! hahaha. Maybe that's a little dramatic but it's not really. It's seriously changed my life in an awesome way. I'm a much better mom and my house is a LOT cleaner. haha. This little boy of mine started sleeping through the night about 6 weeks ago (yes, this post is quite late.. apparently the sleep didn't make me a better blogger..) and it's been the best 6 weeks ever.

Anyway.. lets get to our normal post and the sleep thing will prolly come up again.

This is my Baby Ty. Can you believe how cute he is?? People keep telling me that they think he's an exceptionaly cute baby and I'm starting to believe them. I know every baby is cute, but he belongs on a Gerber baby commercial, right?!

These photos are from Ty Ty's first trip to the pool! We had SOO much fun. He loved the water. The pool is awesome and has a super super shallow section that he can crawl on with super padded stuff on the ground so he's comfy and happy. We seriously loved it. 

Peyton not so much. hahaha. Jk. She actually loved the water, just not so much by herself. Is that the saddest face you've ever seen??

Contrasted with THAT face?! hahahahahaha. It just melts my little heart!!

It's actually been my favorite thing about this month. Peyton and Ty get along SO well and love to play together. The above photo was taken while we were trying to cut stuff out for a baby shower Kristi and I threw for her sister in law Lauren. It turned out so cute! But the babies obviously thought they were more important than our cutting duties and made it quite difficult to finish anything! No worries, we eventually finished. :) 

Kristi and Evan went to Disneyland for Evan's big 3-0!! So they left their precious little one with me and she and Ty got to hang out a bunch!! Isn't that pic adorable! I'm sure it will show up on her wedding video. Bath time for the babies!!!

I often blocked them off in the living room and let them play but they almost always crawled up to the barrier and played with their toys there instead. ha. 

They LOVE stories from grandma!! We are so lucky to live so close to them. They are so wonderful and love our babies so much. We couldn't be more blessed in the grandma department!

More sharing!!

Hugs from Peyton!!!! ***Heart Eyes***

Ty taught her how to climb the stairs. You're welcome Kristi. :)

Speaking of climbing the stairs.. Guess who's a pro?? This little boy!!! And he's just recently figured out how to move the little chair blockade that we put up at the bottom of the stairs. Time for a gate!! We actually do little workouts on the stairs to get him tired before bed. Climb up, mommy brings you down, climb up, mommy brings you down. I think he likes it but it's entirely possible that inside he wants to kill me. 

Ty and I are best buddies. We like to take selfies. We haven't elevated our selfie game to as high as some mom's I know but we'll get there. 

As previously mentioned, Ty is now sleeping through the night. He wakes up at 7 ish, takes a nap from about 11-2 ish and then again at 4-6 ish and then is back in bed by 9. This is the ideal and works like a charm when we stay home all day. Unfortunately, this momma doesn't like to be cooped up all the time so we have to go out. When this happens, his schedule is thrown off and he sleeps in the car and/or my arms. Most the time I can get him to nap in bed but when I have to snuggle him, I'm totally ok with it.

If I'm being honest, I totally crave the snuggle sessions. It's only been a few weeks that they've kinda been nixed and I already miss them! I don't even want to think about him getting older and not wanting anything to do with me anymore!

Yup! We're in the stage where he wants to eat EVERYTHING! And mommy's jewelry is at the top of the list of fun things. Church is Super fun cuz my neck is constantly slobbery. Yay!

I also now have a little shadow. He follows me around everywhere I go. Sometimes crying to be picked up and sometimes just cuz he likes to crawl around. We have a bunch of toys in the living room and he will sit by himself and play with them for a long time!

Ty loves the park!! This is not a great picture of him but it's one of the better ones of the park. He loves the swing. He can sit in it forever! And I don't mind watching him there forever. Works out nicely for us! :)

This was Easter! I get mom of the year for not getting a better pic of my son on Easter. He was so cute and he looks like a homeless baby right now. Regardless, he's still the cutest thing ever. 

It was actually a great Easter cuz his Auntie Katie, AKA The Captain, was in the ER with kidney stones almost the whole day. Poor thing!!! Fortunately we got to go visit her and Ty got to go on a ride on Beepa's shoulders. 

Ty has the best Beepa ever!

This is a good representation of the living room floor on a daily basis. haha. Ty and his toys with Brody and his bone. These two love each other!! Brody gives Ty kisses all the time and has never been anything but perfectly sweet and cute with him. It's awesome. 

Syracuse made it to the FINAL FOUR!!!! I don't think it's a secret that we are an SU family and this little boy wore his "Born to be Orange" shirt several times during the NCAA basketball tournament. So much fun! 

This is Ty's new favorite toy! Thanks Ryanne! We're actually just borrowing it till she needs it back in a few months but right now we are loving it! It's one of those awesome little sit to stand walkers and he's a pro. Hopefully this video works and you can see how awesome he is. 


He is gonna be walking so soon!!

Ty LOVES the bath! I seriously just stick him in there and let him play for like 10 whole minutes. It's awesome. 

My baby, aka Godzilla. 

This little boy LOVES his Daddy!! And I kinda fall in love with both of them over and over again every time I see them. It melts my heart. 

Ty doesn't nap with Daddy very much but when he does it's my fav. I love to see them together. 

OMG! Ty was trying to get into Daddy's shoes and it was seriously adorable. We may or may not have helped him out a little but we couldn't help it. hahaha

There's a dad who loves his son. ***HEART EYES***

Eating is a whole other story in the Smith home. Mommy's not that great at sit down meals and consequently this little chunker has essentially been on a diet! He was consistently in the 30th percentile ish but at his 9 month appointment he went down to 11th percentile! This is partly cuz of how many calories he burns off with all his movement but also my fault. SO we're basically giving him everything he'll eat. Which means messy!!!!

Yup. He LOVES cherios and basically all cereal. He also loves bananas and apples. He hates strawberries and sweet potatoes and most of the little baby food jar things. So he prolly can't be in a Gerber baby commercial after all. :( He also loves whatever mom is eating no matter what it is. 

Love this! 

This little stinker still won't take a bottle either. He loves to drink water from a bottle but not formula so we're still nursing a few times a day. A lot less than before but he still loves the boob juice. :)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He makes this face about 20 times a day and every time we just laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. It's our favorite!!!!! I seriously can't help myself. He's so so funny. 

These are actually screen shots from a video (hence the fuzzy pic) but I had to do it that way cuz it's the only way I get a pic of this face! He does it tons but only for half a second and there's no way to know when he'll do it, so screen shot it is. But does this not kill you?!

I wanted to use the pic of his crazy face as his 9 month shot but Justin made me get this one. And I'm pretty happy I did! This is a very good description of our little sweetheart. He's so so happy. Smiling all the time. Laughing all the time. Snuggling with mommy. Playing with daddy. Basically filling out loves with joy in every minute. 



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