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Half Way There!!!!

I can't believe I'm already 22 weeks prego!! I've passed the half way point! And I haven't blogged about it since the gender reveal. Sorry!! I always wanted to keep a really good journal of everything baby, but I haven't been doing super well. I think this blog has definitely helped me be better than it would have been had I not started, but I still want to be better. So here's to that!

Anyway, what's been happening? Lots!!

All baby wants is fresh fruits and veggies. I have eaten a million pears. And the ones from Costco are WAY better. Also oranges and strawberries and cucumbers. I can't get enough of them! Zina Brought me a whole bag of fresh oranges from her mother's tree in AZ and they are delicious!!! I've also eaten probably a million Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. They are divine!

We had our 20 week ultrasound a couple weeks ago too! It was so awesome!!! Seriously the coolest thing ever to see every little part of him and he passed with flying colors! He even has two kidneys! (His daddy doesn't so we were a little worried about that!) But he has all his everything and looks perfect! I will have to share a few photos... :D

Here's the little guy!! He's so cute! Unfortunately he was a stubborn little boy and gave us a super hard time getting all the pics she wanted. We eventually got them but it took some intense maneuvering and pushing to get him to finally give us the shot we wanted. 

He has a little foot! I'm pretty sure I can see all 5 toes. Woohoo!!

And that's a tibia and a fibula! YAY!!

And yes, that's exactly what it looks like. My boy! Standing proud for all to see! haha

I have to admit that I was really worried as we went in. I had recently watched an episode of Grey's anatomy and (SPOILER ALERT) one of the main story lines is about 2 of the doctors who are married and expecting and they find an anomoly on their ultrasound and find out their baby has a bone disorder. And eventually they decide to deliver the baby early and let it die because it was in pain the womb and would never live more than a few minutes after delivery anyway. And I watched this episode only a few days before our ultrasound and of course I have a dream about it every stinkin night and am certain there's going to be something wrong. I'm pretty sure there was an audible sigh of relief from me when we heard his heartbeat again. But of course this way all for nothing because as far as we can tell he's perfectly healthy. Thank heaven!

The other update regarding baby is that he's finally kicking his momma! It happened for the first time last sunday, the 8th of March, just 2 days before my birthday! Perfect present. :) I was making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and I started feeling this weird thing and all of a sudden it dawned on me that it had to be him!! And it totally is. haha. Now that I know what to feel for, I feel him all the time. And it's kind of the greatest and weirdest thing in the whole world. My dad said I'm not allowed to watch the movie Alien from here on out. Ha. I haven't actually seen it but I know the scene he's talking about. ha. And I don't need any of that! Anyway, baby kicks right when I wake up and for about an hour btwn 9 and 11 PM. haha. And randomly throughout the day. All day. :D I actually love it but I'm holding onto that feeling of happiness because I know that once he gets bigger and won't let me sleep I'll be wishing for those happy feelings again. 

Ok let's see... OMG.. Justin is gonna be the greatest daddy in the whole world. I already knew this and it's definitely one of the things that made me fall in love with him. But somehow recently seeing him with my nephews and little kids from the neighborhood it's making it even worse. And by worse I mean better. I think I fall in love with him all over again every time I see him doing something with little Rushy. These pics below are my fav. Neither of them are very good quality but they're so sweet. The first one is of him reading Rushy a book (it's actually a picture scrapbook of our family so Rushy knows everyone in it) . . . 

. . . and in the second one they're watching "fast cars." (notice the car in Rushy's hand. ha!) HEART!! 

Well I can't think of any more updates about the baby.. If I do, I'll come back and add to this. Or just write another one! Thanks for reading! See you soon!


  1. Exciting stuff!! Glad everything looks prefect so far. Less than 20 weeks to go. You got this Smith's!!


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