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A New Beginning

Truth be told, this isn't the first blog I've ever started. In fact, i'm pretty sure they're still out there under an old e-mail address. I started one once that was supposed to just be pictures and stories of my life as I started college. Good idea, but I was way too busy being a hooligan to stay on top of it. Then a few years later we were counseled by the brethren to use technology and social media to spread the gospel, so I started one to try to post a message of faith every day. The "every day" thing didn't work so well for me and I ended up quitting pretty quickly. So this time I'm gonna try something a little different. I want to write about what we're going through in the moment, but from time to time, I think I'll write about things from the past that I should have written down a long time ago. I think I might also write some things that I've already written in my  paper journal in case that gets lost or ruined. I suppose that could happen to this blog as well, as did my other ones, but hopefully my new resolve will carry me through. 

Anyway, I hope this blog makes it to some one that needs to hear whatever I have to say. If not, I hope it makes it to my kids and grand kids one day so they can know me better. Either way, here's to "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." :)

(P.S. That's Martinelli, not champagne. In case you were wondering.)


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Next Step

I've been avoiding this post for a while now. In fact, a long time... I've been thinking about it since I wrote the post about our little grey circles that didn't make it. I like writing but the last few weeks have been kinda blah. I also think I've been a little hesitant because I've always wanted these posts to be super happy and chipper but that's not exactly how I feel. After the last post I did get a lot of really nice feedback, one in particular that made me feel extra good. My aunt is an incredible person and I love talking to her. She said to me that no matter how long those grey circles were my babies, they still were and I was allowed to grieve as much as I wanted. I think that kind of gave me permission to really cry and it made me feel a lot better. Thanks Kim. :) 

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All we know is...

The results are in folks...

YES! We're pregnant!!!
There are simply not words to describe how I feel about this statement. One I've been wanting to make for what seems like forever. One I've heard from so many of my friends and family that made me want to cry. One that seemed impossible to make. And one I am finally able to say for myself. I can't even believe it.
We waited 2 LONG weeks to find out whether or not our little frozen circle would become our miracle. And when I say long, I mean long. Especially when I was supposed to start my period on Friday. Last Friday. So usually when you're trying to get pregnant, you wait till the day your period is supposed to start and you wait... If it doesn't come, you run to the store and buy that expensive little stick and awkwardly try to pee on it. (Maybe they aren't really expensive, but it kinda seems that way, right ladies??) 
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Ty Turns 2!!

OMG He's 2. Where did the time go?!?!?!?!?!
I gotta say, he's prolly the best little toddler in the whole world. I can't believe he's mine and I thank Heaven every day for him and his sweet sweet spirit. So, let me show you a little of the last couple months I've had with this little stinker!

Ty got some golf clubs for his birthday and he LOVES them! He and daddy take them to the park and he lines them up and hits them like crazy. SO CUTE!

Basically Ty loves the park!!!

This next one is super random.. we were at scheel's looking for bike gloves for daddy so of course Ty had to ride a bike too, so mommy found him a helmet. MELT MY HEART!!!! hahahahaha. So so amazing. 

These were taken the day before his birthday! This little boy loves dirt and rocks so much, I swear if we could take out all the mud he's swallowed he would loose a few pounds. Which would be bad cuz he still only weights 27 pounds at his last check up. Holy cow this kid is little!!