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Girls Camp 2014!

Tonight we had mutual and it was a stake girls camp celebration and it reminded me of all the amazing awesome things we did and learned at camp, so I thought I'd share! I only went to girls camp once as a youth because of all the moving and summer vacations that we did. But I remember loving it! This year, I went as the Young Women's President and it was VERY different from my last experience. haha. Although it was difficult, it was still amazing and I probably learned more this time than when I went all those years ago. I was asked to give a talk about camp a couple weeks after and I shared a message that brought it all together and helped me realize why we go and do all the crazy hard stuff that camp requires. So to make a long story short, camp forces us to leave behind all the distractions of the world (No phone signal AT ALL!!!) and to focus on what's really important in this life. And while the gospel is at the center of that, it's not the only thing. You have to actually TALK to people because there's no texting. You get to listen to the sounds of nature because there's no background music. You get to look at the beautiful earth that our Father has given us because there's no TV or computer or phone to look at. And because of all this, your life gets much quieter and you're really able to feel the spirit and hear His promptings. We go to camp so we can be reminded of how softly He speaks but how amazing it feels to be filled with His love. Every one bears testimony almost every day and it feel amazing to witness their testimonies grow and my own as well. So yay for camp!! I hope I get to go next year too. :)

Here's a few fun photos...

There was a bear in our camp!!! He ate our pineapple and threw the trash everywhere. They caught him on the last night and all the girls wanted to see him instead of pack up to go home. haha 

Trust fall at the confidence course!

Lava River on the confidence course

Our favorite camp song was.... drum roll.... Bump Banana!!! It was hilarious. Ask me sometime and I'll show you. :)

That's Becca, Daisy, Me and crazy Madi in the back!

Some of my favorite people in the world! This was our hike that was supposed to be 5 miles but turned into 6 because of either poorly marked trails, or poor map reading skills depending on who you ask. I'm pretty sure it was poorly marked trails. ;)

This is Daisy! She was the ward camp director and she was amazing!!!! I love her to death!

The stake Young Women's president and I trying to do the tension rope thingy at the confidence course. We made it pretty far!

Another fun confidence course game. :)

I don't remember all the crazy camp songs from when I was little, but it was definitely one of my fav things! The songs were hilarious and the girls doing all the motions was just as funny!

These are the crazy stake leaders who came around every night to sing a song or do something silly. This was their last night and they went out on a bang!

This is a few girls doing the service project. They made little rattlers that were sent to Mexico. It was fun!

A few years ago, some of the older girls buried that tackle box with notes they had written to themselves and to future campers. They'd searched and searched for it over the years and finally found it! It was so neat to read through the notes they'd written. Not a dry eye in the house!

And this is our whole crew! I can't say enough amazing things about these women who I am so blessed to know. They are amazing and I can't wait to see what incredible things they'll do as they get older. 


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