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We're all in this together

Sorry, but does the title of this blog make anybody else want to sing?! Or am I the only weirdo?! haha. Anyway...

I've been thinking about something lately that I wanted to share. 

First let me say this.....

At least part of the reason why I'm doing this blog and sharing all these rather personal things about our baby journey is because I believe that the more people you have in your circle that are praying for you, the easier it is to deal with things that are hard. of course, the most important person to lean on is our Savior Jesus Christ. But I know one thing for sure, He sent lots of people into my life to help me along the way and I'm not the kind of person to turn down the arm that's reaching out to help me. And I look for opportunities to help other people because I believe Heavenly father put me here to help others as well. So with that said, I want your love and support! I appreciate it when people comment and tell me they're praying for me. I feel the strength of your prayers and considering how difficult this journey has been, I need all the strength I can get. So thank you to everyone who is praying for me!


Yesterday I read an article about a disease called Hyperemesis Gravidarum.( )  It's a complication of pregnancy that's basically morning sickness from Hell. I know most women experience morning sickness but this is on a whole different level. The woman who wrote the article said she would stop counting when she'd thrown up 24 times before noon. I can't even imagine. Well, i suppose I can kinda relate given that my little episodes of endometriosis every month were pretty violent vomiting for a while and I totally know what bile tastes like, but it only happened about 8 times and it would be over in a few hours. So to do that all day every day for 9 months would be simply miserable. 

On a little lighter note, I have a friend who because of her baby's intolerance, can't have ANY dairy products whatsoever. No milk, no cheese, no butter. And that means any food that has any of those items as well. Even cookies! To be honest, for me, this is a fate worse than death. I have to have milk with almost every meal and ice cream is one of the only reasons I live. 

And then there's my sister who is a health freak and while she was pregnant, she couldn't have anything with tomatoes on or in it. Including tomato sauce on pasta. I think I could live with out being able to eat whole tomatoes, but for her, it was horrible. They're one of her favorite foods. Horrible!

And then there's me. I've had lots of people tell me that I'm so brave for being able to go through this and give myself shots! I'm not denying that this journey has been hard, but honestly, giving myself shots is the easy part! haha. I'm a phlebotomist (the one who takes your blood at the doctor's office) so blood and needles are the last thing that bothers me. I actually think it's cool and fun to mix all the drugs and stick myself with them. Fortunately, the side effects have been negligible. I suppose I may feel a little different about it if I were going crazy or super sick!

The point... 

I guess the point I'm trying to make is one that's also made in the article mentioned above about the crazy morning sickness. She says a number of times that as crazy as it was, she wouldn't change it for the world because of what it all meant. It meant that she was going to have a baby and she wanted it so bad that she would do anything. I think some women don't really appreciate what a blessing it is to be able to get pregnant and have a baby with out much more thought. But, I'm not the only woman in the world to go through a hard and long journey to bring my little people to this world. I want an appreciate all the love and support i'm getting, but I hope that my sharing isn't downplaying what all you other women went through. My hat goes off to you. I hope that you're all as kind and giving of your time and talents to those whose journey is kept a little more private. And to all of you who have been through a hard time in your pregnancies, (and raising of your kids!) know that I pray for you every day. 

The following quote really sums up the way I feel about it. 

I know that eventually all of this craziness will lead to my family with whom I will be forever. I am grateful for the journey I've been on because of everything I've learned. Hopefully we can all pray for each other and look for opportunities to serve while we go through this together. :)


  1. Jessie I'm so happy for you!! Thanks so much for sharing!! In my own struggles it brings comfort to know that other people have felt what I feel and are gaining strength amid their trials too. Infertility is a long and excruciatingly painful journey emotionally and physically. My prayers are with you both! I hope you hold your little heaven-sent angel(s) soon!!


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